Thursday, January 8, 2009

struggles of the 21s'

AWWWWWWWWWW...! my parent were asking me to plan my 21s' bday celebration again. well i realli dun haf the mood to celebrate this big day as i look into my timetable for the 1st half year again... OMG!! damn packed!!

but man!! its 21s'!! once in a life... and symbolizing the begnning of the adulthood... ummm and more meanings in it. no matter i am doing anything to celebrate it anot, still i would like to save some money and buy sth to my parent, as they have been giving so muc of loves and efforts to make me who i am today... right!? of coz its the time to express your gratitude! LOVE YOU MUCH DAD AND MUM!

ummm... shall i have the party? but anyway i cant wait the day to show my ic to the bouncers!! hahahas!! even they dun ask me i oso going to show them!! hahahahas!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


In no time I will be 21. This symbolizing I am grown up, not longer a kid that can manja-ing to parent anymore... and more responsibilities coming up. Well I don't really scare of that. What I am worrying now is my stamina and health condition. I feel like I am an old man now; always tired, headace... and even worse now A BAD FLU! OMG... Endless jobs just don't let go of me even like that. This is the reality. Nothing will stop and wait for you even you fall down.

I gonna boost up my health again as soon as I recovered from this disaster. The new semester is starting soon, but i haven't figured out what subjects to take. XD Just get to know from siu mei's bloggy that the result is delaying... I was like OMG... Then how do I know what to take next sem? This prolong my suffer as I am really worrying I might failed the exams....

ANYWAY BODY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY~! Or else nothing can be done...