Monday, December 22, 2008


People have been talking about the christmas celebration with me, while me is really not decisive to make up my mind on how the plan should be. For me it is just another reason to hanging out with friends and have fun. Hahahahas. So any plan for me is ok. Even no plan for me is ok as well, so that would be another ordinary day. Since I am not a christian.

Last chrismas I have been celebrated it with a bunch of crazy guys. Hahahahas. All the ma lat lous hanging out together at the chrismas eve is really weird la... But still we have fun. It's the last time for 4 of us hanging out together since then.

Beside that, all the christmas all being the same to me. A lonely night with a lot of laughther could be heard. Sometimes I being jealous for that. Sometimes I would be happy to save a fortune by did not need to buy anything on that day. lolz. But anyway, I still hope to have the companion to celebrate this meaningful moment.

Oh, merry christmas peeps. =D

Monday, December 15, 2008


damn damn damn damn...
ok... calm down man... dun let the bad things affect u...

ok my story starting with the car banging incident last week,
which made me cant realli study properly for my exam,
and now i am damn worry for my exams!

den despite all the little problems that bothering...
today my car kena clampped (yes!! the lucky one!! one in a hundred!!) in wisma help
i just don understand why is it me
coz there are probably hundreds of other ppl that parking exactly at the same bay as me
and that cost me another 50 bucks

ok... now i am rotting in a little shop at lowyat
waiting m laptop to be fix,
after hoursssssssssssss jam in the kl trafic
ok however i am lucky enuf to manage to negotiate with the shop keeper for a cheaper cost
.... but still not worth it la lol

wat bad luck is this!! after all these i am very broke edi!! dun ask me out!!
i need to save money!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three Things that Microsoft Can't Explain! Very Interesting Try it out!!‏‏

An Indian found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the Computer which can be named as 'CON'.
This is something funny and inexplicable… At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this happened!

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1.) Open an empty notepad file
2.) Type 'Bush hid the facts' (without the quotes)
3.) Save it as whatever you want.
4.) Close it, and re-open it.
Noticed the weird bug? No one can explain!

Again this is something funny and can't be explained… At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened!
It was discovered by a Brazilian. Try it out yourself…
Open Microsoft Word and type

=rand (200, 99)

And then press ENTER
And see the magic…..

this is quote from a forward email...
and i tried all of that!! its true!!
amazing huh!?

Friday, December 5, 2008


lab report is totally a disaster.
i started one week before the due date, and end up by just done it by today afternoon....
spend about 3 days reading through journals to understand wth is it talking abt
and compiling bit by bit afterward... not easy huh?
today i am going to sleep anyway!! last 2 nights i din sleep properly for this lovely last assignment of the sem!

and guess wat...

finals are coming next week....

ok... will be pak tor-ing with all the books dis weekend again lolz

looking forward to yumcha with u guys!! sheng feng who juz backed from kampar and shi lin who juz backed from sg last nite!! it was so surprising to picked up ur call last nite!! hahahas... and i dun even recognize his voice at the beginning!! OMG how on the earth dis could happen!!?? guess it was coz of the sleepless nights ... hahahas

Monday, December 1, 2008

baby girl, u r so sweet!! =)

this song is so sweet!! even the 1st time i listen to it straightly i melt
when aisha singing
Baby boy 永远永远手牵手 一步两步一起走 永远永远要记得 我们要一起生活
later on i found out the original version is from a japanese singer
Soba Ni Iru Ne - Thelma Aoyama Feat. SoulJa
wow... this version is even better!!
coz the in the chinese version rite, the rap is not really fit the music...
but somehow this one is fantastic!!
another version from another japanese singer
kokoniiruyo - SoulJa feat. Thelma Aoyama
this time the male singer takes up the major part by rap
i dun really like this one as it just not as sweet as the both i mentioned before
anyway lastly!!
i present u dis!!

dis is gal who makes me soooo addicted to this song lolz
and makes me extreamly jealous as well!! XD
bahhhhhh.........!! =P
yala yala i noe u r sooo hang fuk lolz

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yes!! u!! follow me!!


<---------------------------------------------------------------------click here

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

happeee burfday to u~~~ \(^o^)/

so sad... i dun even haf a pic wif u!!
anyway dis little gal has grown up!!
see!! gorgeous duhhh!!!!

*i guess she is very proud of this "ladyish" look... hahahahas XD*

sadly u r leaving soon (and i noe u r so urged to go aussie!!)
so plz come to the yumcha sessions when linz is backed yeaaa heeheeeeeeeeee
HAPPY BIRTHDAY little head!! all the best yeaa =D

Thursday, November 13, 2008


i think everyone that attended LAN classes should be understand wat egoism means.
According to the ego theory, everyone is ego in order to survive in this reality.
well, nth wrong to be ego.
but plz dun over ego... thats scary.

human beings are borned with feelings.
that wats made us diff from animals.
beside ego thats living in the inner part, that should be sth else in our mind...

i was seeking for these traits in u.
however u dissapointed me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


today is 11-11-2008...
yes.. now u realize it... hahahas
1 = one = satu = 一 and not equal to two!?
lolz... wat nonsense...
1 represent single!!
so peeps!

wooooooohooooooooo! lets together we celebrate the freedom that we had!!

p/s: hopefully not celebrating it again next year XD

Monday, November 10, 2008

assignment assignment and assignment!!

well well well, i realli haf to admit that bpsych is a tough course to do
some small mistakes may result in a tragedy!!
OMG i dun wan that =(
and finally i realised that APA is god!! hahahahas
too late rite... XD
ok i am gonna sleep, eat, poo, etc with that APA - bpsych bible!!

however this toublesome APA thingy excited me!
i dunno why either...
i was wondering why ppl keep complaining bpsych is sooo tough!
now i noe!
i feel challenging!! and i am going to take up the challenges!!

work harder man!! =D

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

too muz too muz!!

the halloween partee was amazing!!
despite the long waiting time, everyone was enjoying themself...
unfortunately, my little cammy was kidnapped by MICHELLE!!
so... the photos will be uploading soon yea!!
too muz la too muz la...!!
my "tasks waiting list" is too long edi la... T.T

Friday, October 31, 2008

我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了 我懂了 不说了 梦远了



life has been getting busier and busier... u juz cant stop and get a gud rest..
lucky got stupiak fren that made the day better... =D
PSG was doing some sort of fund raising activity where you can do dedication and show a little bit of love by buying ur fren some small gift
and PSG member siu mei was persuading me to buy sth for her den i look over the list to see wat i can get for her with the only 3 bucks i have (i forgot to bring my wallet to coll that day lolz...!!)
and in the 3 ringgits list there is toilet roll!! i was like OMG... hahahas... anyway dis is fun ritee!! (although to someone its nasty or weird but its fun for us!! hahahahas)
so in the end i buy her the toilet roll!! rofl!! for the 1st time in life giving away toilet roll!!

evidence!! see!! she is damn happy with it riteeeeeee!! hahahahas


today i went to the filming of some local production named "ROH" (republic of happiness)

to be an extra! woohooooo anyway there are a few "EXTRA FRIENDS" coming along too!

from left elaine , charlene, bong and two nameless extra guys lolz...and i was the camera man la of coz...

it took the whole morning and the afternoon!! and stupidly i locked my carkey in the car!! so cost me another hour to get my another car key from home... damn bad luck weiiiiiiiii....!but anyway the view there is damn nice (there is plaza kelana jaya that near to PKNS)and we had fun doing some stupid things lolz...!

elaine u r blocking laa!! lolz

anyway i managed catch up with jack neo leh....
dis is not my top anyway!! given by the crew... lolz... no wonder so similar to jack la!! dis is his taste of fashion!!

*to be cont... now is the time for the b.psych halloween parteeeeee!!*

Monday, October 27, 2008

holiday afternoon~

holiday is not as good as u imagine.
u could have lotsa of assignments waiting... just like me lolz.
was stucked in assignment too, so i took a break by writing a post here...

before i started anything...

happie happie burfday to u ~ happie burfday ELAINE! \(^o^)/

hahahas, no matter u can see this anot, still dis is a sincere wish from me =D


well last week was a nightmare for me,
4 assignments due at the same with accompany with mid term!!
OMG!! you cant imagine the STRESS!! duhhhhhhhh!! felt like i am 3 years older after last week lolz
and the worst part is those sucks assigment team members
they are so irresponsible that they never concern about this assignment at all
not to be mean but i will report them to the department!!
they caused me to delay my assignment submission for the 1st time in my life!!
OMG!! its 20% of the overall marks!!!

ok... chill lolz.. everything has passed anyway

but again caused of the assignment i missed joey's burfday partee too!!
*sobs* T.T
sorreee joey!! i promised to replace u riteee?
i will keep my words ok??
but anyway dun demand too muz ok?? lolz...
recently i am damn poor!! hahahhaas


muiz's bday
mamak shopping
CNY activities preparation
the visit to the teen home
6 assignments coming up!!
compose the lyric for "mere love"!!

more and more coming up as well~~~ swt


Saturday, October 18, 2008

thanks for the memories!

well pass few weeks was realli a good time for me
despite of the facts like endless assignments and boring classes
i spend a lot of time "playing a game"

even though i do not gain anything from this game
but still i enjoy the whole process while playing along...

thanks anyway for appeared in my life
no matter how is it going to be =)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

best describe me at the moment~

Ne-Yo - Closer
Verse 1:
Turn the lights off in this place
And she shines just like a star
And I swear I know her face
I just don't know who you are
Turn the music up in here
I still hear her loud and clear
Like she's right there in my ear
Telling me that
She wants to own me
To control me
Come closer (closer)
Come closer
And I just can't pull myself away
From the respect I can make
I just cant stop
I just cant stop
I just cant stop
I just cant stop
And I just can't bring myself away
But I don't want to escape
I just can't stop
I just can't stop
I just can't stop
I just can't stop
I just can't stop
Verse 2:
I can feel her on my skin
I can taste her on my tongue
Shes the sweetest taste Ive seen
The more I get the more I want
She wants to own me
Come closer
She says "come closer"
And I just can't pull myself away

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

clean your mind!! everything has oledi cleared!!

do u noe that u have over the borderline!!??

there are so many things else that u have to do!!

random post

2007 and 2008 are weird for me.
many things happend, but endwithout any sign.

just like now.

i dunno whether i having a real bad luck or good luck!

in 3 months time, my water dispenser, 3 tvs(yeah!! 3!!! OMG) and a loads of other things spoiled and caused to spend quite amount of money!!

but fotunately i found that i do have some special luck as well... that... i could not imagine.

AH....... uncertainties again!! bother me a lot laaaaaaa......... booooooooooooo! (lolz... i learnt this from u alexa!!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

yes and so wat??

yes i am single and so wat?
that doesnt means that i am gay or wat... just that i havent met with the right one!!

relationship is more than happy together or liking for me

for me its love, caring, understanding, and a commiment for a life time

i wouldnt risk myself into any uncertain relationship


i am not sure that whether i am considering too muz
but i am very sure that i am doing the right things

Thursday, October 2, 2008

life's easier with SOTness and ONGness

SOT_ness means you have to get involved in everything and fully enjoy it

ONG_ness doesnt mean u have to be insane or crazy or stupid...!! but u noe, sometimes nth wrong to pretend stupid to entertain others...

so thats why sotong came out... heeeeeheeeeeee

new appearance, hopefully u guys like it =D

HENNESY ARTISTRY + connaught pasar malam

well i havent got a chance to blog on some of my last week interesting's hang-outs

coz the pic are still not in my hand *tsk*
well shayne ward realli rocks the crowd @ the hennesy artisry last sat!!
and oso until june, they are great too... now beginning on searching their songs...
the onli bad part is that i couldnt fully enjoy the free flow of hennesy cocktails!! *thanks to u bro lahhh!! bro!!*

shayne ward looks real cool!! right gals? XD

well after all i realised that i din realli like the taste of hennesy lolz *soreeeee hennesy* although i finished up few cups heeeheeeeeee

more pics are coming soon... stay tune =)


well today is the raya holiday (ooops... its ytd... past twelve lolz)

so i din realli wan to went out to trapped in the crowd and the long traffic jam

but i went to connaught pasar malam for the very first time with kiko and alan *i dun wan either to be a "light bulb" but i realli wanted to go the most GRAND pasar malam in msia*

the first impression to this pasar malam is

PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA (lolz u will understand dis if u understand chinese)

according to both of them we choosed the wrong time coz today (oopss soreee again!! ytd!!) was hari raya holiday, so everyone went on a shopping spree there la...

okiess... hopefully next time i got a chance to visit there again~~

*special thanks to*

i not realli got a chance to take pic coz it was realli packed
and even u cant realli buy things @ there
coz the crowd keep pushing u from behind!!
its realli hard to even stay longer... super hot + super tiring...

and i notice an interesting fact hahahas...
peoples actually make-up and dress nicely for pasar malam
i never do that in my life... and it was not so obvious in my previous experiences @ other pasar malams
those gals are actually HEAVILY MAKE UP, with long artificial eyes-brown and even with perfume on!! walao ehhh... sounds like going clubbing right!! lolz...
and even guys are nicely dress oso...

eeeehhhhhhhemmmmmmmmm anyway
a lot lenglui-s there la, more den HELP... lolz

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It has been a long long way of searching.

I thought I found my own path.

I thought I am keep moving forward.

I thought I am getting closer to my dream.

Never felt tired until today.

Today I ask myself again.

"Are you happy?"

I used to answer,

"Just for a while, dear, the happiness is just waiting you ahead."

Today I answered,

"No. I am not happy. I don't even know what am I fighting for."

This is the saddest thing in the world.

You spend a lot of time and power on it, and lastly you found this is something you wanted.

I am tired.

Tired of doing this and that.

Tired of pushing myself unwillingly again and again.

Tired of walking all alone these days without knowing why.

Who is going to tighten up the string for me? I really don't know.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

long taggie

well the bad fren diane is juz beside me now
and keep influencing me to not do assignment but the tag from pearly lolz...
so i was struggling
the bad vince said, " juz go ahead!! juz FOR A WHILE onli la!!"
and good vince said not to do anything before u finish the assignment

guess wat, the bad vince won lolz

ok here we go

1. what's the relationship of you and her/him ?

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him ?
ummm... very fussy in term of food, hyper, die hard for sugar?(dis is wat she said lolz) and NICE of coz =)

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you
"merry x'mas!" lolz, the 1st sms from her

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you
for giving such a long taggie lolz

5. If she/he became your lover, you will..
wa.... dis question cant be answered lolz

6. If she/he become your enemy, you will...
force her to eat greenie muahahahhas

7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
to eat more green, green is good for ur health la plz

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is..
ummmmmmmmm... could u tell me? i cant think of any

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is ?
to force her eat greens lolz omg again

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
sometimes emo, sometimes crazy, sometimes hyper...

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you ?
dunno? u gotta ask them

12. The character of you for yourself is ?
well i am such a complicated one, changing from time to time...

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is ?
the one who always trying to get perfect

15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.

Ten people to tag-
1. alan
2. belle
3. cyan
4. gracie
5. kiddo
6. linz
7. alexa
8. tin tin
9. hui
10. meow

who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
-lolz i wanted to noe too

no.3 is a male or female ?
- obviously.... male... ooops soreeeeeee a lady la lolz

if no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?
- no lolz

how about no.5 and no.8 ?

what is no.1 studying about?
- he wan to study finance la

is no.4 single ?
- i think so, wan her hp no??


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Picked from a email:

If you have ever paid or are thinking of paying ' Coffee Money' when stopped for traffic or other offences, DON'T EVER Do This Again. The traffic department (JPJ) has recently started a campaign to be rid of corruption.

Every Officer on duty will be rewarded with RM100.00 if they report each case of bribery to the department. This is how they do (trick you into) it.

They will note down the details of your IC/MyKad, and ask you how you want to settle ( 'Macam mana nak selesai?') If you indicate yes or even offer to give them any money, they will report the incident by rejecting your 'Kopi Money' and get the RM100.00 instead as an incentive for their integrity and 'Honest' pubicity. This means that You will end up having a summon issued to you and perhapsa charge for bribery.SO DON'T PAY DUIT KOPI AGAIN, especially if you hope to go free with a lesser amount of money compared to the fine.

Even if you want to pay over RM200, the JPJ Officers would rather have a 'good' name than to take your kopi money.

Just beware of their trick because the cops are now accumulating 'cookies' points for their promotion and pay increment - with your help if possible.

They should have done this to stop corruption long time ago... but anyway it's better late than never, right?



wooohooooooooo! credits to one who came out with this idea!! brilliant!!
this stops the cops for committing corruption effectively and ensure the fairness of the enforcement...
the onli disadvantage is... the gov spend more lolz...

although dis action cant stop realli *BIG* deal, but eventually all little little parts will be ok la hahahahas...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


if u noe me realli well then u noe that i never comment abt politic in my blog since the gov band us from doing that ( and i am someone who realli kiasi lolz XD).

but this time i realli have sth to say

i have been affected by ppl surrounding since i was small, therefore i got a little prejudice towards races. however, the situation changed when i noe more. i found that many of my malay frens actually very nice, and even some of them realised and admitted that the unfairness of the policies in our country.

i was realli surprised when i met the 1st malay fren who said so, and later on i found out more.

actually none of us (chinese, indians and other races) are able to make any changes in this country. RAJA PETRA stand out and voice everything out. eventually he got supported by many malays as well. i am realli grateful by having such open minded ppl in our country. they will change our country, and bringing us into a new era. ONE MALAYSIA that realli able to be an advanced nation by 2020.

i have seen the beam of light that will bring us a better future. =) and hopefully i wont get arrested coz this post lolz.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

got tagged XD

it has been quite a long time since my last tag!! so, alexa thanks for giving me a reason to blog!! lolz...

6 Things I'm Passionate About:
-family and friends
-SLEEP!!! (i wan to SLEEP!!!)
-Part time job (hey i am not workaholic okay? but i need money =P)
-mamak shopping ( of course............!! )
-yum cha

6 Things I Say Too Often:
-hi, bye (lolz, i noe this is lame... XD)

6 Books I've Read Recently :
*burried with textbooksssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

Songs That I Can Listen To Again and Again:
-wo bu nan gua ~ stephanie sun
-wait for you ~ elliot yamin
-ni men shi wo de xing guang ~ xing guang 2 ban
-sha gua ~ landy
- with you ~ chris brown
-It's my life ~ bon jovi

Things I Learned In The Past Year:
-you should never waste time for sleeping (awwwwwwwwww... but i love to sleep!!)
-good friends are hard to find
-patience and wisdom is needed for success
-HELP is really sucks @ their facilities and services (lolz!!!!)

6 Bloggers I Tag:
-little lamb
-meow meow
-jon ti (blog plz!!!!!!)

reflective writing - week 2

Today is an interesting day. Miss Pei Li had a very interesting test with us. It is very hard to put myself into any group because I always have a perception that I have multiple personalities. Aha, I know that sounds ridiculous but yes I am always have a thought like that.

Surprisingly I am in the entrepreneur workshop! Well recently I have been thinking to start up my own business, but is it really that soon to changes my personality? According to Miss Pei Li, you may have some of the traits in the two personalities beside your workshop, and the one opposite is a totally different one. But I think I have some the traits of the opposite one which is investigative.

I had always love science and I am always very into something new and have the desire to know more about it. I am a problem solver as well, as I can never sleep or rest without get the problems settled. Paradoxical… yes I am. I liked unstructured but I always have a thought that human beings cant lived unstructured. Everyone has to be in the line so that the peace can be maintained. I love jump into crowds but yet I can keeping myself alone in a room for whole day. I loved to listen to people and I will never get bored with stories. I care for how people feel. Sigh, sounds like I am a mixture of everything.

I just could not understand why I have so many traits. My 'personalities' are very seasonal; they will turn up someday which I can not control at all. I think that is what made up my complicated mind. I always have too much of thoughts in mind.

However, I just can't deny that I am an entrepreneur. Meeting the people in the group just feeling like meeting yourself. Miss Pei Li said "these people are born to manage people!" Aha, maybe that is what I am. I always know that is a very bossy Vince in my inner heart but I always control it very well. I knew that no one can stand a bossy and fussy one. I think that is why I came out with so many 'personalities' so that I can communicate well with everyone. It's always good to be neutral as you can receive more with open minded.

Honestly, I can not full-filled the being honest part. I had always tried to be one those trustworthy, but only stops at the point I keep my words. Reality keeps telling me that you can not survive if you exposed too much. This does not mean you have to keep some hidden agenda but generally you can not be honest in everything. I think these worries are pretty normal as everyone scared to be hurt. Hopefully one day I will be happily being really 'honest' without the fear of exposing too much.

I think a lot in this class but there are too many of them. Some of them just faded away when another one came in. I have tried to recall them but that caused me to headache. Maybe there are too many things that you can not put into words.

Reflective Writing – Week 1

As being in the first class in this new semester, I am very excited to adapt for new information. However, the subject's name, Career Guidance doesn't sounds like a subject that related to psychology. Therefore, sorry to says that I am lack on interests to this subject at the very beginning.

Our beloved lecturer Miss Pei Li just came in right at the time. After she has introduced herself, she is trying explains us the purpose of this class and telling us what we need to know. As the time going, slowly I found out that we are actually in a class that trying to lead us to search for what we need in the future, but not what I have in my mind before.

Miss Pei Li has recalls the problems that I have considered a long time before I entered this field. It's always a very crucial decision to made, whether you work for money or dream. I have always heard of people saying "go for your dream, money is nothing." Yes, generally I do agree with that, because one who living his dream definitely the happiest person in the world as he enjoys the highest satisfactory.

However, there is always an exception. My father tells me that it is not necessary to have your interest as your job. An interest would be easier remains as an interest. How if a designer gets frustrated with design one day just because of the fussy customers, or other random things? I do not want to give up psychology as I already dreaming to be a psychologist for years. So I have been considering through these questions.

Finally I came to a conclusion one day. I am told my father that maybe the designer did not position his dream in the first place, or in another words, he does not has the enough passion for it. Ones will work full hearted to fulfill his dream, but not giving up easily by the time he is facing the problems. It’s always important to find a balance point between these facts.

Another issue was money. I am not mean to be realistic but we can never out of touch with the reality. The fact is we need money to survive. My father has always telling me that money is nothing, but without money you can do nothing too. This always reminds me my worries for my career. Currently I am not sure what I have to do in future, but I am quite confidence with our department on their effort to find us the best career.

I think all of us have gone through the same problems, and have the same worries in general. I think that is why our department came out with this course to solve our problems. It's always nice to have someone to guides you through out all the process.

Finally, credits to Miss Pei Li for coming out with the idea of bonus activities. All the activities, for instant, Vienna test, counseling, etc are very good chance for us to figure out how exactly all these work.

I took the road that less traveled and hopefully outcome with something I wanted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i am backed =P

finally de' vincious blogger started his life as a lousy blogger again...

these months i lived a realli busy life,
continuous working hard for money money and money...
can u imagine the life that u have less than 6 hours of resting time a day!!!??
even with almost 7 days non-stop!!

but after all thats all worth for it
its not all abt money, its abt experience too
i learnt a lot, and i think a lot too
its good to live a diff life, that i will nvr ever experience again (hopefully lolz)

i was watching tv juz now, and surprisingly i found i cheers like a kiddo when i saw my lovely darling was on the show (hiak hiak hiak... have been missing her terriblely!!)
and their new album is coming soon, which made me so excited!!

i am glad that to found that i still cheers for a little thingy like dis =)
at least, i am still myself at the inner part

next up = a refelection writing that given my lovely career guidance lecturer lolz
stay tune guys hahahahs
its goin to be the 1st assignment that complete in my bloggie

Sunday, August 10, 2008


everyone is in the olympic fever now
neither me, the busy working part time sales assitant
and i was rushing back ytd for the opening ceremony that i have been waited for so long!!

what i wan to say is : GOOD JOB CHINA!
i am so proud to be a chinese!
although i found some small mistakes but overall well done!
those creative performance not only attracts the ppl from all ard the world,
but also tells the world abt the great part in chinese cultural,
which i think is meaningful and interesting!

AWWWW... cant wait to finish my part time job and concentrate on so many of the exciting games!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

klcc pc fair - work force needed!!! ARE YOU IN???

well actually now i am in pavillion (working la...lolz)
so i am in a rush la!!
anyway, dis is a annoucement from me

i am now urgently need man power to work in
KLCC PC FAIR starting from 1st AUG to 3rd AUG
i need few more promoters
the pay is 80 per day, 2 meals included
no training or interview needed
preferably speak fluently in BM and english

whoever interested plz contact me @ 0172887130 (vince)

its on next friday!! so be hurry yea guys!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

oh damn i like it!!

lol guys check dis video!!

its soooooooooooooooooo ridiculous muahahahahas

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i heard this from a daddy's friend who is the owner of a petrol station
the latest price is rm2.70 per litre

den i wen to check in THE STAR's website
and its true!!

so my friend rush to petrol station laaa!!
wat r u waiting???

Sunday, May 25, 2008

wohoooooooooo shanghai i am coming!!

yeah yeah yeah
i am packing my stuff now
and i think this will be a great trip
coz we have so many ppl going with us
and the best part is...

we monopoly the whole gang!!
hahahahhas =)

cyasss peeps~

Friday, May 2, 2008

wohooooooo last tag from PEARLZ

Instructions: remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. who is your all-time inspiration?
same as below

2. have you given your first kiss away?

3. if you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? why?
pearlz - she is a nice person to talk wif hehe
verene - with she life is nvr boring hahahas
jon ti - probably he will has some chivas or vodka with him.... hahahas

4. where is the place that you want to go the most?
same as below

5. if you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
same as below

6. do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
same as below

7. what are you afraid to lose the most now?
same as below

8. if you win $1 million, what would you do?
same as below

9. if you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
same as below

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
she is charming she is nice she is kind-hearted XD

11. 3 weird stuff about myself
errrr... i like to put on the thick blanket in a air-cond room (so wat is the air-cond for? lolz)
err.... i cant stop when i start doing sth until the end
errrrrrr......... i have two extremly diff of thinking

12. which type of person do you hate the most?
same as below

13. what is your ambition?
same as below

14. if you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?I
same as below

15. what do you think is the most important thing in your life?
same as below

16. are you a shopaholic or not?
same as below

17. state one of your desire.
same as below

18. if you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
same as below

19. whats the latest bad news you've seen or heard?
same as below

20. what do you wish to have now?
same as below

finally i fnish all tags!! wohooooooooooooooooooo \(^o^)/

another tag from alexa

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
after 30 probably

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
day dreaming lol

3. If you have a close close close close friend since childhood who loves to take away whatever you like, including guys/girls, and he/she always wins, will you still consider him/her your friend?
lolz... dis is not a fren to be

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
make me taller please( hey alexa i have the same dream!!)

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
same as below

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
same as below

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
same as below

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
alexa... err.... most probably... pendek? (ps: i like gals who is pendek lol), ridiculous and nice person hehe

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
same as below

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
same as below

13. What is your ambition?
same as below

14. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
the ACTS

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
same as below

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
same as below

18. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
OMG...sadly i dun have one now ><

19. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
successfully in career and having a nice relationship with a nice gal ?

20. Do you think you get hungry because you’re cold, or cold because you’re hungry?
swt... wats lame question is this

stop de game plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................ ><

1st TAG - verene punya

Instructions: remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal
question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list
them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has
been tagged. whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. who is your all-time inspiration?
hmmm.... no idea lol

2. have you given your first kiss away?
hahahas... wats in ur mind?

3. use one word to describe urself

4. where is the place that you want to go the most?

5. if you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
to have 48 hours in one day

6. do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
yea! and i seen it before!!

7. what are you afraid to lose the most now?
i cant afford to lose anything now....

8. if you win $1 million, what would you do?
probably gif it to my father (i am serious weiii!)

9. if you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
until i met someone that i realli loving so muz

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
a cheerful person, a nice fren to be with and u can nvr stop smilling
beside her hahahas

11. what are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
understanding, patient, kind- hearted

12. which type of person do you hate the most?
People who treats friends for benefit and also liar..

13. what is your ambition?

14. if you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to
you or would you rather they keep quiet?
well... i prefer him to talk to me personally lolz

15. what do you think is the most important thing in your life?
My friends.

16. are you a shopaholic or not?
depends lol

17. state one of your desire.
to have a lot of money!!

18. if you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to
laziness lol

19. whats the lastest bad news you've seen or heard?
currently I should say there’s nothing..

20. what do you wish to have now?

i will not tag anyone to stop this terrible game hahahas

Friday, April 4, 2008

魂牵梦系 翻腾难奈 ... 好久都没了 =P


不求苟活 也不求一死



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

last day @ HMC

its hard to believe that
tmr is my last day @ hmc...
a place that full of memories

most importantly...


i think i am gonna so miss u guys

i juz cant stand the feeling when its the time to leave >.<

Saturday, March 8, 2008






"我就在你身边 一切为你承 担
我们俩的心手相连 共度年复一年..."

Friday, March 7, 2008

hey! its ur birthday!!

wow great day isnt it?
well actually today is my lunar calendar bday!!
today is 30th Jan in the lunar calendar...
and the special part of it is that...
30th Jan onli appears once in a four years lunar calendar
2008 is so special becoz it's a leap year!!

ohyea regarding why i notice abt that coz my family onli celebrate my lunar calendar bday
they din refer to solar calendar (the calendar that we are using now)

and happy birthday to all the march babes oso!!

1st march - sheng feng (go get a gf lar!!)
2nd march - cammy (wow... u r getting realli hot!! =P )
8th march - pearly (happy together wif ur boi boi yea! *blink* )
15th march - shuang shuang (looking forward to see u...)
21st march - sushi (aihzz... forgot abt me when getting together with him... aihzzz)
22nd march - snowxwhite (currently msia hottest chinese female blogger! all the best for ur stpm and ur interview as well!)

i hope i din missed out anyone... =P

march babes rock!!
happy birthday everyone!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"dak han yum cha...!"

during ths psych class i received an msg from a unknown number
"hey! i am in ss2 now lar!!"
i was like... huh? whos that?
so i replied
"umm... sorry who r u?"
"i am huey yin!"
"sorry again... i am not sure which huey yin u r... and did i ask u out before?"
"huey yin thats from same class with u! actually i juz past by ss2 and wan to see whether u r here anot..."

can u imagine how i felt?
its a "WARM" text

as u can see... i dun even haf her number
so i think u can figure out that we are not so close to each other before
but still she rmb me after such a long time
(i have been gratuated from secondary for 2 years)

u guys maybe experienced the same thing as me
not matter how fren both u were last time
after gratuated...
sooner and later
both of u will be seperated by time and space
well thats normal i noe
but i am more "feeler" type of person
who is very sensitive...
therefore i really cant stand this kind of feeling

so do text or phone ur fren regurlarly
ask them out
rmb the "imp" dates
at least....! msn lar (cheapest and easiest way)
this is so call "mutual stroking" (yeah ms debbie i am applying wat u taught lol)

ohyea i forgot abt my title... "dak han yum cha"
i bet all of u understand wat it means right?
we tend to end our conversation wif "dak han yum cha" usually
which means "hanging out again next time"
its juz sth like see u ard, see u again, "zai jian", "jumpa lagi"... etc

but dunno why i alwaz take dis very serious
when u say this to me, i am realli taking it seriously
unfortunately many ppl saying it juz like simply to end the talk
i dun like it
(and i think gals are more tend to do so lol)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

i have a dream...

"i have a dream..."

yea dis is martin luther king's style
he used to begin his speech everytime with this
many ppl oso following dis trend after him

i have a dream
where ppl live happily together
i have a dream
where the world can enjoy the peace together
i have a dream
where all my dreams can be fullfilled!! (too greedy huh...? bluek =P )

i have a dream ... i have a dream...

dream keeps motivate us to move forward
let's shout out...

i have a dream!!

wats ur dream?

happy family... gone

well i used to have a happy family,
consists of 2 lovely sister, sushi and shuang shuang,
and my dude sheng feng oso

shuang shuang is pursuing her dream at usa
sushi is studying in nilai
sheng feng oso moved to kampar recently

i missing u guys a lots...
i promised shuang to keep our family complete...

i hope we will reunion one day =)

Friday, February 29, 2008

work work work....!

yo yo yo yo yo yo

go go go go go go go go

vince go!!!!!

look forward and nvr look back.....

go go go!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


uncertainty is could be something that giving u the excitement of life, coz life wouldnt be challenging if u noe everything that will be happening next.

but den, these uncertainty bother me a lots these days.

i am damn worry,
i am damn frustated of being like that.
i got damn pissed when i found things are not going as i tot.

now i need to be stable, i need to feel safe, and a sense of belonging as well...
i dun mind to work double to get wat i wan, but why i am not even given the chance to try!!
i dun care if i face difficulties in my life, but plz dun trouble the ppl ard me ok!??
and the point is
i am hurt...

i am not wanted by faith. = (

Friday, February 22, 2008

between u and the sky, i could only see u

below is the lyric of the song that playing
doesnt matter if u couldnt understand it
juz enjoy the song, and feel it...


橘色的天空 断了针的钟
握紧的话筒 胸口的悸动
闷热的晚风 冷漠的人龙

过剩的霓虹 寂寞的骚动
思念的翻涌 你侧面的脸容
不变的初衷 要爆发的冲动

我的心冲到我的口 早已失重
两人份的爱 颤动甜蜜 爱的超重


晕开的霓虹 模糊了的梦
思念的翻涌 你指尖的触碰
不变的初衷 要爆发的冲动

我的心冲到我的口 早已失重
两人份的爱 颤动甜蜜 爱的超重

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点
让我们的心 能完全重叠

can u feel it...?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

funeee video - regarding the "photos" scandal of edison chan

my fren pass me dis funeee movie juz now... maybe u guys can haf a laff after watched... but do show some pity for nicholas tse (and especially to his innocent son...!!)

hopefully everything will be end soon!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sick + assignments + troubles = disaster

seriously i dunno wats going on but problems seems to be endless. i got very sick dis few days, headace, cough and flu coming together, went thru many sleepless night, and lotsa assignments due in dis 2 weeks.

well i admit thats i deserve all these suffers coz i nvr done a single assignments before for dis sem. I SERIOSULY MEAN IT... not even started of any research. imagine how stressful i am now, so show some pity (maybe comfort me and show ur concern... lol)

ytd i found my car has a serious problem that the alignment is totally gone coz that day i accidently dump my car into that stupid hole... shit... i used to drive 100mph usually but today i turned to drive at 60mph... lolz, maybe dis a gud thing for me...

another car's problem. last sat alan has an accident in the car park of the coll, but both parties claim that its not their fault. but from my observation, obviously its HER FAULT coz bang other's backside right? i am get angry when they keep questioning how long u haf ur license (as if they are veryyyyy expert), and that bitch juz cant stop complaning and showing the lame face. finally her bf came over and had a talk with us. her bf is far better, more understanding at least... we even din asked her to pay for that, but she kept on asking alan to pay her... swt.. so we were abt going to report, but her bf is clever enuf to ask for settle coz thats no way they will win lar...

here comes the worst part. i am not purposely calling her BITCH ( i am not used to express my anger in foul words), juz coz of wat she done is juz made me so pissed. alan found his car scratch by car key or sth sharp at dis monday after his class. obviously dis is her work(or her fren's work). all of us noe that alan is one with good temper and easy to deal wif, so i dun think that he haf any enemy in coll... some more the point of time of this threat happening is juz so sensitive that we haf no way but to suspect her.

her name is SUE, i am sorry if i blame her wrongly ( which i think is not likely to happens). PLEASE APOLOGIZE AND PAY HIS LOST ASAP OR ELSE ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN. (but not the sneaky actions like tat!!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

valentine's day part 3

some funeee thingy on the white board in the student council room

the 1st bouquet of roses that i bought is not for my own gf *swt*

my dedications and some stupid msg i wrote lolz...

(ps: onli belle found out dis msg on the board at the kpd... i wondered how she noe? thats onli my id on it!!)

dedications from frens...

song dedication from dear rachel and emma to all of us!!


fortune cookies

that day i went to my grandma's place... and guess wat i found there
OMG... wats that? premium fortune cookies?
let see wats in it... umm normal cookies lar!?

ok.. take a bite.. HEYYY... something inside!!

yep... she appeared...
so..? wat to do next?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i juz dunno why...

today is another bad day, everything are juz not going at the right track... i felt like i missed many things, like....

i need to calm down
i need to calm down
i need to calm down

everything will be alright after a deep breathe...

valentine's day - update

firstly, credit to kim and belle who camwhoring all these...

below are some of the pic i got...

great poster isnt it

i came 7 in the early morning purposely to wait for the ballons... lol

busy counting the ballons and zen working hard with his lappy

a bunch of ballons!! so happy seeing dis =)

the board is full with lovesss

our cute cupid - emma

bz bz working at the counter

great response from the crowd!!

more to be upload soon...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happiest single awareness day ever XD

happy valentine's day everyone!

its a great success for love underground @ hmc today!! we are actually selling ballons, roses and teddy bears today, and its a great respond from the crowd! well sadly i din got anything from the secret admirer *lol*, but i do bought something for someone lar... hahahas...

but unfortunately that is a threat thats happening in the afternoon spoiled my mood! that bxxxh #%$^%$&* (opppsss)

anyway overall its still the happiest valentine's day ever lar! thx to the love underground's crews and all my beloved frens!! u guys made the valentine's day so special!!

awww but i coultnt write more coz i am having midterm tmr!! gotta study... all the videos and pics will be upload by tmr!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'll miss u

one of my fren leaving to aussie tonight. he gave me a call before he went to airport. i am so regret that i couldnt get a chance to meet with him juz before he leave.

i cant help myself but starting to get moody. frens are leaving one by one dis few years. i noe everything will be diff after that. i am so worry that our frenship will decay in time.

anyway wish u all the best my fren, xian zhi.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

weird experience = $

i went to kepong jusco last sunday for a primary skool mates gathering, but surprisingly i met my ex over there. *ooops ><* u cant imagine howwwwwwwwww shocked i was, and stoned for few seconds i think.

we din meet each other since we broke up. so seriously i dunno how to react by seeing her in a time and location that is soooo unexpected. she is like keep avoiding me after that, i dunno the reason either. we are both shy, therefore i simply crap sth and den juz cabut quickly.

well dis is not the point. *lol*

i juz checked my frenster juz now and i notice her bf visited my profile. so in return i go and check his profile. guess wat i saw? i saw a pic he is kissing on her cheek! well i noe dis is damn normal, but i get so pissed when i think of i din do this to her before!! (well i am sooo am so innocent that i din dare to do that *lol* wat i done was kiss on her little hand *rofl*)

the moral of the story is, kiss as u can!! hahahas
jk lar, actually juz wanted to record dis weird feeling that i had. hahahas

psy rocks

wherenever i study more abt psy, i start to noe how imp it is. u cant imagine how muz diff it can make when u understanding everyone better. no matter wat field u r going to, u muz dealing with varies type of ppl. nvrtheless, u still need to establish, maintain or improve ur relationship with u loved one, like frens, lover and most imp, family.

i am a bit out of trend coz watching "i am not stupid too" at dis time (dis mv was out at 2006). i am soooo damn touched of watching it. a resource could a rubbish in a wrong place, but a rubbish could be good resource in a right place. everyone is clever... right? i mean everyone can do better in a right position.

try to communicate with the ppl ard u. i hoped i will be jobless one day, coz everyone doing their best and together we make the world better.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


yo! happy cny gong xi fa chai everyone!! hahahas... ytd i had my wonderful reunion dinner @ ss2 restaurant nan jing. well i din took any pic of it, since i was bz makan-ing lolz. well dis is a green foods restaurant, all dishes are 100% pure vege!! but do not think it taste like vege oso...!

as u guys noe, chinese all like the dishes that symbolize good fortune like fishes and all that lar. so, the dishes i had last night all actually just exactly taste like wat it is! meat, fishes, shark fin, etc. wonderful, i wondered how they made it?

the asst supervisor of dis restaurant is my parents' gud fren.. therefore we enjoy a special discount oso... hahahahas... shhhh keep dis secret okay?? ^^

Saturday, February 2, 2008

life is tiring me!!

can u imagine u sleep less den 6 hours a day, and u need to take care of ur assignments, quizzes (some more mid term is around the corner), doing lotssaaaaaaa house works ( my parent both working, and there are no kakak in my house!!), and helping ur dad in the shop straight after ur classes, working until 11pm in the late night, end up updating ur blog here at 1am. (i am not purposely to sit here and blog abt it, juz that i am waiting to dry my hair)
ps: by 6am tmr i need to sent my bro to skool

well... i am realli burned out!! dis kind oledi lasted for 1 month... luckily after cny my father do not need my help any more. all my family are tired too, there are too many things to do, and works juz seem to be nvr can be done!!

so, little gal, helping ur mom to do spring cleaning is not realli a big deal... lolz...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a very good lesson to share wif u all guys lolz

My girlfriend and I had been datingfor over a year when we decided toget married. My parents helped us inevery way, and my friends encouraged me.

My girlfriend? She was a dream! Therewas only one thing bothering me.That one thing was her youngersister. My prospective sister-in-lawwastwenty years of age, wore tightminiskirts, and low cut blouses. She would regularly bend down when near me, andI got many a pleasant view of her underwear.It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else.

One day little sister calls and askedme to come over to check the weddinginvitations. She was alone when Iarrived.She whispered to me that soon I wasto be married, and she hadfeelingsand desires for me that shecould not overcome ... and did not really want to overcome.She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister.I was in total shock and could notsay a word.She said, "I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want to go ahead with it just come up and get me."

I was stunned.I was frozen in shock as I watchedher go up the stairs. When shereached the top, she pulled down herpanties and threw them down the stairsatme.I stood there for a moment, thenturned and went straight to the frontdoor. I opened the door and steppedout of the house and walked straight toward my car.My future father-in-law was standing outside. With tears in his eyes, he hugged me and said, "We are very happy that you have passed our little test. We could not ask for a better man for our daughter. Welcome to the family!"

The moral of this story is.....Always keep your condoms in your car. lol!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


this is a test for all gals visiter

generately i found there are onli 5 types of guys surrouding u gals

1- passerby (normal frens... etc)
2- prince (who seem to be handsome, charming, talented, rich...etc alwaz to be ur dream guy)
3- beast (who might not with gud looking but with kinded heart, and alwaz protecting u as well)
4- guardian angel (who doesnt show up frequently but alwaz care abt u)
5- flirter (who goes and play around with girlssssssssssssssssssssss... usually humour, charming as well)

these choices are given
who will be the choice of yours?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

again a news

guess wat? i got a news few days ago, that the gal i mentioned earlier in the previous post
has juz got a new bf. ( yea she tell me by her own, yet i saw the close pic of them) but surprisingly i am not too upset, maybe i am used to it oledi...(or i might actually not affected so muz by her now?)

well i din expect that any miracle will ever happens to me.

god bless her, a sweet relationship and happy forever plz.

congratz yeewei =)

Monday, January 21, 2008

a meaningful sms

"Never mind la! Some personcan alway keep as memory! But left a heart for her then i think no need la! If some day u accidently meet wit her then just treat as ur good fren b4! the most love onewil probably not become ur life patner! Hav some sweet memory on her n hide it in ur heart!"

that day Yan suddenly sms me and ask that whether i rmb who is she anot. for sure she is in my heart, hahahas, coz she was one of my besties while im in form2 and 3. (secret: i admired her for quite a while oso lol) i am so surprised that she sms me sooo sudden, coz i lost contact with her since 4 years ago. den we started to crap abt everything past as we used to be. her sampat-ness can nvr change la!! lolz

well 4 years ago was a miserable year for me. i was in deep love wif a gal, and end up she is into relationship with another guy. u cant imagine how suffer am i. sheng feng will noe the best how pity was i that time.

den i started to ask yan, " do u believe in im still missing her like crazy!? ( she noe everything between me and her) until today i cant take her out of my mind." den u can see wat she reply me, as the quote above. 6 years is not short lar, i taken 4 years to juz take her out of my mind. but its realli hard, therefore i keeping myself to play around with "CRUSHES" to kill my time, as well as to forget everything abt her. i noe its realli bad... but wat to do? i am realli frustated with all the relationship thingy.

yea, the best forever wont be yours.

anyway i am still glad to meet yan my dear old fren again... hope to yum cha with u soon lar!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

show off muahahahahas

i was quite down for the whole day, due to the "BAD NEWS" i heard... well, i noe this is gossip probably, so i wont make decision before i clear with the whole thing... but... aihz...

but den i juz got sth that bright up my day!! hahahas... see? she is my dear one... belinda chee!! muahahahas such a hotty, my 1st shoot with a celebrity! wat a memorable shoot... hahahahas...but i dunno my pic with hannah tan is in whose cam oledi... sad...

wooohooo!! ^^

SIGH, another bad news

u noe, when u r having a great day, a great mood, everything was soooooo nice, its very bad to end ur day with a realli realli bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad news!!

well everything is diff from wat i noe, wat i see. truth is alwaz cruel, tats why i dun like reality lar!! i noe its not rational to think so, but sometimes i rather to stay in my own imaginary world!!

childish, but dis is true me.

sigh... watsoeva, leave me a alone with my broken heart...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

let's start with a "P" !

this is not my 1st blog actually... i cant realli rmb how many blogs i used to haf. currently i am having another chinese blog, which leonard said to be very cina and cant understand a word. *sweat*
therefore i am forced to open up one more ENG blog for all my fellow coll frens... hahahahas... see!! i am so gud lar!! hahahas, but soreee i noe my eng sucks but somehow if u guys can understand wat am i trying to say, its gud enuf oledi lar. for this blog i am using a new nick, vincious!! LOL i am juz following the trend... anyway i am still using vindicare as well lar hahahahas

well the 1st thing i wish to blog abt is P24!! it was a great success, i am realli enjoying (besides the long waiting time.. lolz). the 1st night was packed with performances and celebrities, so it was a real fun, but the 2nd day was the 8tv annv, thus no celebrities coming lar... beside levin and christine... but dis dance marathon is very diff from wat i expect lar! coz isnt that dance marathon should do non-stop dancing? its juz like a mix of performances, talkes, games... etc. i wondered.

but anyway i am having a fun time in this event, hopefully there is P24-2 in 2009!! thx everyone for these unforgettable memories...

thats all for now, next post will be more on p24... ciaoz...!