Tuesday, November 18, 2008

happeee burfday to u~~~ \(^o^)/

so sad... i dun even haf a pic wif u!!
anyway dis little gal has grown up!!
see!! gorgeous duhhh!!!!

*i guess she is very proud of this "ladyish" look... hahahahas XD*

sadly u r leaving soon (and i noe u r so urged to go aussie!!)
so plz come to the yumcha sessions when linz is backed yeaaa heeheeeeeeeeee
HAPPY BIRTHDAY little head!! all the best yeaa =D


Alexandra said...

woi!! dont u have prettier pics to put! hahahaha! thanks anyways! =)

Vince said...

eiii dis is gud ok!! berry nice wat!! =D

Vince said...
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