Thursday, September 25, 2008


It has been a long long way of searching.

I thought I found my own path.

I thought I am keep moving forward.

I thought I am getting closer to my dream.

Never felt tired until today.

Today I ask myself again.

"Are you happy?"

I used to answer,

"Just for a while, dear, the happiness is just waiting you ahead."

Today I answered,

"No. I am not happy. I don't even know what am I fighting for."

This is the saddest thing in the world.

You spend a lot of time and power on it, and lastly you found this is something you wanted.

I am tired.

Tired of doing this and that.

Tired of pushing myself unwillingly again and again.

Tired of walking all alone these days without knowing why.

Who is going to tighten up the string for me? I really don't know.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

long taggie

well the bad fren diane is juz beside me now
and keep influencing me to not do assignment but the tag from pearly lolz...
so i was struggling
the bad vince said, " juz go ahead!! juz FOR A WHILE onli la!!"
and good vince said not to do anything before u finish the assignment

guess wat, the bad vince won lolz

ok here we go

1. what's the relationship of you and her/him ?

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him ?
ummm... very fussy in term of food, hyper, die hard for sugar?(dis is wat she said lolz) and NICE of coz =)

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you
"merry x'mas!" lolz, the 1st sms from her

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you
for giving such a long taggie lolz

5. If she/he became your lover, you will..
wa.... dis question cant be answered lolz

6. If she/he become your enemy, you will...
force her to eat greenie muahahahhas

7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
to eat more green, green is good for ur health la plz

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is..
ummmmmmmmm... could u tell me? i cant think of any

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is ?
to force her eat greens lolz omg again

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
sometimes emo, sometimes crazy, sometimes hyper...

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you ?
dunno? u gotta ask them

12. The character of you for yourself is ?
well i am such a complicated one, changing from time to time...

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is ?
the one who always trying to get perfect

15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.

Ten people to tag-
1. alan
2. belle
3. cyan
4. gracie
5. kiddo
6. linz
7. alexa
8. tin tin
9. hui
10. meow

who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
-lolz i wanted to noe too

no.3 is a male or female ?
- obviously.... male... ooops soreeeeeee a lady la lolz

if no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?
- no lolz

how about no.5 and no.8 ?

what is no.1 studying about?
- he wan to study finance la

is no.4 single ?
- i think so, wan her hp no??


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Picked from a email:

If you have ever paid or are thinking of paying ' Coffee Money' when stopped for traffic or other offences, DON'T EVER Do This Again. The traffic department (JPJ) has recently started a campaign to be rid of corruption.

Every Officer on duty will be rewarded with RM100.00 if they report each case of bribery to the department. This is how they do (trick you into) it.

They will note down the details of your IC/MyKad, and ask you how you want to settle ( 'Macam mana nak selesai?') If you indicate yes or even offer to give them any money, they will report the incident by rejecting your 'Kopi Money' and get the RM100.00 instead as an incentive for their integrity and 'Honest' pubicity. This means that You will end up having a summon issued to you and perhapsa charge for bribery.SO DON'T PAY DUIT KOPI AGAIN, especially if you hope to go free with a lesser amount of money compared to the fine.

Even if you want to pay over RM200, the JPJ Officers would rather have a 'good' name than to take your kopi money.

Just beware of their trick because the cops are now accumulating 'cookies' points for their promotion and pay increment - with your help if possible.

They should have done this to stop corruption long time ago... but anyway it's better late than never, right?



wooohooooooooo! credits to one who came out with this idea!! brilliant!!
this stops the cops for committing corruption effectively and ensure the fairness of the enforcement...
the onli disadvantage is... the gov spend more lolz...

although dis action cant stop realli *BIG* deal, but eventually all little little parts will be ok la hahahahas...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


if u noe me realli well then u noe that i never comment abt politic in my blog since the gov band us from doing that ( and i am someone who realli kiasi lolz XD).

but this time i realli have sth to say

i have been affected by ppl surrounding since i was small, therefore i got a little prejudice towards races. however, the situation changed when i noe more. i found that many of my malay frens actually very nice, and even some of them realised and admitted that the unfairness of the policies in our country.

i was realli surprised when i met the 1st malay fren who said so, and later on i found out more.

actually none of us (chinese, indians and other races) are able to make any changes in this country. RAJA PETRA stand out and voice everything out. eventually he got supported by many malays as well. i am realli grateful by having such open minded ppl in our country. they will change our country, and bringing us into a new era. ONE MALAYSIA that realli able to be an advanced nation by 2020.

i have seen the beam of light that will bring us a better future. =) and hopefully i wont get arrested coz this post lolz.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

got tagged XD

it has been quite a long time since my last tag!! so, alexa thanks for giving me a reason to blog!! lolz...

6 Things I'm Passionate About:
-family and friends
-SLEEP!!! (i wan to SLEEP!!!)
-Part time job (hey i am not workaholic okay? but i need money =P)
-mamak shopping ( of course............!! )
-yum cha

6 Things I Say Too Often:
-hi, bye (lolz, i noe this is lame... XD)

6 Books I've Read Recently :
*burried with textbooksssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

Songs That I Can Listen To Again and Again:
-wo bu nan gua ~ stephanie sun
-wait for you ~ elliot yamin
-ni men shi wo de xing guang ~ xing guang 2 ban
-sha gua ~ landy
- with you ~ chris brown
-It's my life ~ bon jovi

Things I Learned In The Past Year:
-you should never waste time for sleeping (awwwwwwwwww... but i love to sleep!!)
-good friends are hard to find
-patience and wisdom is needed for success
-HELP is really sucks @ their facilities and services (lolz!!!!)

6 Bloggers I Tag:
-little lamb
-meow meow
-jon ti (blog plz!!!!!!)

reflective writing - week 2

Today is an interesting day. Miss Pei Li had a very interesting test with us. It is very hard to put myself into any group because I always have a perception that I have multiple personalities. Aha, I know that sounds ridiculous but yes I am always have a thought like that.

Surprisingly I am in the entrepreneur workshop! Well recently I have been thinking to start up my own business, but is it really that soon to changes my personality? According to Miss Pei Li, you may have some of the traits in the two personalities beside your workshop, and the one opposite is a totally different one. But I think I have some the traits of the opposite one which is investigative.

I had always love science and I am always very into something new and have the desire to know more about it. I am a problem solver as well, as I can never sleep or rest without get the problems settled. Paradoxical… yes I am. I liked unstructured but I always have a thought that human beings cant lived unstructured. Everyone has to be in the line so that the peace can be maintained. I love jump into crowds but yet I can keeping myself alone in a room for whole day. I loved to listen to people and I will never get bored with stories. I care for how people feel. Sigh, sounds like I am a mixture of everything.

I just could not understand why I have so many traits. My 'personalities' are very seasonal; they will turn up someday which I can not control at all. I think that is what made up my complicated mind. I always have too much of thoughts in mind.

However, I just can't deny that I am an entrepreneur. Meeting the people in the group just feeling like meeting yourself. Miss Pei Li said "these people are born to manage people!" Aha, maybe that is what I am. I always know that is a very bossy Vince in my inner heart but I always control it very well. I knew that no one can stand a bossy and fussy one. I think that is why I came out with so many 'personalities' so that I can communicate well with everyone. It's always good to be neutral as you can receive more with open minded.

Honestly, I can not full-filled the being honest part. I had always tried to be one those trustworthy, but only stops at the point I keep my words. Reality keeps telling me that you can not survive if you exposed too much. This does not mean you have to keep some hidden agenda but generally you can not be honest in everything. I think these worries are pretty normal as everyone scared to be hurt. Hopefully one day I will be happily being really 'honest' without the fear of exposing too much.

I think a lot in this class but there are too many of them. Some of them just faded away when another one came in. I have tried to recall them but that caused me to headache. Maybe there are too many things that you can not put into words.

Reflective Writing – Week 1

As being in the first class in this new semester, I am very excited to adapt for new information. However, the subject's name, Career Guidance doesn't sounds like a subject that related to psychology. Therefore, sorry to says that I am lack on interests to this subject at the very beginning.

Our beloved lecturer Miss Pei Li just came in right at the time. After she has introduced herself, she is trying explains us the purpose of this class and telling us what we need to know. As the time going, slowly I found out that we are actually in a class that trying to lead us to search for what we need in the future, but not what I have in my mind before.

Miss Pei Li has recalls the problems that I have considered a long time before I entered this field. It's always a very crucial decision to made, whether you work for money or dream. I have always heard of people saying "go for your dream, money is nothing." Yes, generally I do agree with that, because one who living his dream definitely the happiest person in the world as he enjoys the highest satisfactory.

However, there is always an exception. My father tells me that it is not necessary to have your interest as your job. An interest would be easier remains as an interest. How if a designer gets frustrated with design one day just because of the fussy customers, or other random things? I do not want to give up psychology as I already dreaming to be a psychologist for years. So I have been considering through these questions.

Finally I came to a conclusion one day. I am told my father that maybe the designer did not position his dream in the first place, or in another words, he does not has the enough passion for it. Ones will work full hearted to fulfill his dream, but not giving up easily by the time he is facing the problems. It’s always important to find a balance point between these facts.

Another issue was money. I am not mean to be realistic but we can never out of touch with the reality. The fact is we need money to survive. My father has always telling me that money is nothing, but without money you can do nothing too. This always reminds me my worries for my career. Currently I am not sure what I have to do in future, but I am quite confidence with our department on their effort to find us the best career.

I think all of us have gone through the same problems, and have the same worries in general. I think that is why our department came out with this course to solve our problems. It's always nice to have someone to guides you through out all the process.

Finally, credits to Miss Pei Li for coming out with the idea of bonus activities. All the activities, for instant, Vienna test, counseling, etc are very good chance for us to figure out how exactly all these work.

I took the road that less traveled and hopefully outcome with something I wanted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i am backed =P

finally de' vincious blogger started his life as a lousy blogger again...

these months i lived a realli busy life,
continuous working hard for money money and money...
can u imagine the life that u have less than 6 hours of resting time a day!!!??
even with almost 7 days non-stop!!

but after all thats all worth for it
its not all abt money, its abt experience too
i learnt a lot, and i think a lot too
its good to live a diff life, that i will nvr ever experience again (hopefully lolz)

i was watching tv juz now, and surprisingly i found i cheers like a kiddo when i saw my lovely darling was on the show (hiak hiak hiak... have been missing her terriblely!!)
and their new album is coming soon, which made me so excited!!

i am glad that to found that i still cheers for a little thingy like dis =)
at least, i am still myself at the inner part

next up = a refelection writing that given my lovely career guidance lecturer lolz
stay tune guys hahahahs
its goin to be the 1st assignment that complete in my bloggie