Saturday, September 20, 2008


if u noe me realli well then u noe that i never comment abt politic in my blog since the gov band us from doing that ( and i am someone who realli kiasi lolz XD).

but this time i realli have sth to say

i have been affected by ppl surrounding since i was small, therefore i got a little prejudice towards races. however, the situation changed when i noe more. i found that many of my malay frens actually very nice, and even some of them realised and admitted that the unfairness of the policies in our country.

i was realli surprised when i met the 1st malay fren who said so, and later on i found out more.

actually none of us (chinese, indians and other races) are able to make any changes in this country. RAJA PETRA stand out and voice everything out. eventually he got supported by many malays as well. i am realli grateful by having such open minded ppl in our country. they will change our country, and bringing us into a new era. ONE MALAYSIA that realli able to be an advanced nation by 2020.

i have seen the beam of light that will bring us a better future. =) and hopefully i wont get arrested coz this post lolz.


Linz said...

yea it's an era for no racism malaysia!!Another malay i admire: Zaid Ibrahim. Oh man he resigned for the use of ISA on the journalist, raja petra and the MP!
Not forgetting too we have so many heroes especially the lawyers and journalists who fought for the justice=)