Tuesday, September 16, 2008

reflective writing - week 2

Today is an interesting day. Miss Pei Li had a very interesting test with us. It is very hard to put myself into any group because I always have a perception that I have multiple personalities. Aha, I know that sounds ridiculous but yes I am always have a thought like that.

Surprisingly I am in the entrepreneur workshop! Well recently I have been thinking to start up my own business, but is it really that soon to changes my personality? According to Miss Pei Li, you may have some of the traits in the two personalities beside your workshop, and the one opposite is a totally different one. But I think I have some the traits of the opposite one which is investigative.

I had always love science and I am always very into something new and have the desire to know more about it. I am a problem solver as well, as I can never sleep or rest without get the problems settled. Paradoxical… yes I am. I liked unstructured but I always have a thought that human beings cant lived unstructured. Everyone has to be in the line so that the peace can be maintained. I love jump into crowds but yet I can keeping myself alone in a room for whole day. I loved to listen to people and I will never get bored with stories. I care for how people feel. Sigh, sounds like I am a mixture of everything.

I just could not understand why I have so many traits. My 'personalities' are very seasonal; they will turn up someday which I can not control at all. I think that is what made up my complicated mind. I always have too much of thoughts in mind.

However, I just can't deny that I am an entrepreneur. Meeting the people in the group just feeling like meeting yourself. Miss Pei Li said "these people are born to manage people!" Aha, maybe that is what I am. I always know that is a very bossy Vince in my inner heart but I always control it very well. I knew that no one can stand a bossy and fussy one. I think that is why I came out with so many 'personalities' so that I can communicate well with everyone. It's always good to be neutral as you can receive more with open minded.

Honestly, I can not full-filled the being honest part. I had always tried to be one those trustworthy, but only stops at the point I keep my words. Reality keeps telling me that you can not survive if you exposed too much. This does not mean you have to keep some hidden agenda but generally you can not be honest in everything. I think these worries are pretty normal as everyone scared to be hurt. Hopefully one day I will be happily being really 'honest' without the fear of exposing too much.

I think a lot in this class but there are too many of them. Some of them just faded away when another one came in. I have tried to recall them but that caused me to headache. Maybe there are too many things that you can not put into words.