Friday, February 29, 2008

work work work....!

yo yo yo yo yo yo

go go go go go go go go

vince go!!!!!

look forward and nvr look back.....

go go go!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


uncertainty is could be something that giving u the excitement of life, coz life wouldnt be challenging if u noe everything that will be happening next.

but den, these uncertainty bother me a lots these days.

i am damn worry,
i am damn frustated of being like that.
i got damn pissed when i found things are not going as i tot.

now i need to be stable, i need to feel safe, and a sense of belonging as well...
i dun mind to work double to get wat i wan, but why i am not even given the chance to try!!
i dun care if i face difficulties in my life, but plz dun trouble the ppl ard me ok!??
and the point is
i am hurt...

i am not wanted by faith. = (

Friday, February 22, 2008

between u and the sky, i could only see u

below is the lyric of the song that playing
doesnt matter if u couldnt understand it
juz enjoy the song, and feel it...


橘色的天空 断了针的钟
握紧的话筒 胸口的悸动
闷热的晚风 冷漠的人龙

过剩的霓虹 寂寞的骚动
思念的翻涌 你侧面的脸容
不变的初衷 要爆发的冲动

我的心冲到我的口 早已失重
两人份的爱 颤动甜蜜 爱的超重


晕开的霓虹 模糊了的梦
思念的翻涌 你指尖的触碰
不变的初衷 要爆发的冲动

我的心冲到我的口 早已失重
两人份的爱 颤动甜蜜 爱的超重

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点

在你和天空之间 只看见你
在梦和希望之间 拥抱你
在爱和体谅之间 靠近一点
让我们的心 能完全重叠

can u feel it...?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

funeee video - regarding the "photos" scandal of edison chan

my fren pass me dis funeee movie juz now... maybe u guys can haf a laff after watched... but do show some pity for nicholas tse (and especially to his innocent son...!!)

hopefully everything will be end soon!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sick + assignments + troubles = disaster

seriously i dunno wats going on but problems seems to be endless. i got very sick dis few days, headace, cough and flu coming together, went thru many sleepless night, and lotsa assignments due in dis 2 weeks.

well i admit thats i deserve all these suffers coz i nvr done a single assignments before for dis sem. I SERIOSULY MEAN IT... not even started of any research. imagine how stressful i am now, so show some pity (maybe comfort me and show ur concern... lol)

ytd i found my car has a serious problem that the alignment is totally gone coz that day i accidently dump my car into that stupid hole... shit... i used to drive 100mph usually but today i turned to drive at 60mph... lolz, maybe dis a gud thing for me...

another car's problem. last sat alan has an accident in the car park of the coll, but both parties claim that its not their fault. but from my observation, obviously its HER FAULT coz bang other's backside right? i am get angry when they keep questioning how long u haf ur license (as if they are veryyyyy expert), and that bitch juz cant stop complaning and showing the lame face. finally her bf came over and had a talk with us. her bf is far better, more understanding at least... we even din asked her to pay for that, but she kept on asking alan to pay her... swt.. so we were abt going to report, but her bf is clever enuf to ask for settle coz thats no way they will win lar...

here comes the worst part. i am not purposely calling her BITCH ( i am not used to express my anger in foul words), juz coz of wat she done is juz made me so pissed. alan found his car scratch by car key or sth sharp at dis monday after his class. obviously dis is her work(or her fren's work). all of us noe that alan is one with good temper and easy to deal wif, so i dun think that he haf any enemy in coll... some more the point of time of this threat happening is juz so sensitive that we haf no way but to suspect her.

her name is SUE, i am sorry if i blame her wrongly ( which i think is not likely to happens). PLEASE APOLOGIZE AND PAY HIS LOST ASAP OR ELSE ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN. (but not the sneaky actions like tat!!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

valentine's day part 3

some funeee thingy on the white board in the student council room

the 1st bouquet of roses that i bought is not for my own gf *swt*

my dedications and some stupid msg i wrote lolz...

(ps: onli belle found out dis msg on the board at the kpd... i wondered how she noe? thats onli my id on it!!)

dedications from frens...

song dedication from dear rachel and emma to all of us!!


fortune cookies

that day i went to my grandma's place... and guess wat i found there
OMG... wats that? premium fortune cookies?
let see wats in it... umm normal cookies lar!?

ok.. take a bite.. HEYYY... something inside!!

yep... she appeared...
so..? wat to do next?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i juz dunno why...

today is another bad day, everything are juz not going at the right track... i felt like i missed many things, like....

i need to calm down
i need to calm down
i need to calm down

everything will be alright after a deep breathe...

valentine's day - update

firstly, credit to kim and belle who camwhoring all these...

below are some of the pic i got...

great poster isnt it

i came 7 in the early morning purposely to wait for the ballons... lol

busy counting the ballons and zen working hard with his lappy

a bunch of ballons!! so happy seeing dis =)

the board is full with lovesss

our cute cupid - emma

bz bz working at the counter

great response from the crowd!!

more to be upload soon...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happiest single awareness day ever XD

happy valentine's day everyone!

its a great success for love underground @ hmc today!! we are actually selling ballons, roses and teddy bears today, and its a great respond from the crowd! well sadly i din got anything from the secret admirer *lol*, but i do bought something for someone lar... hahahas...

but unfortunately that is a threat thats happening in the afternoon spoiled my mood! that bxxxh #%$^%$&* (opppsss)

anyway overall its still the happiest valentine's day ever lar! thx to the love underground's crews and all my beloved frens!! u guys made the valentine's day so special!!

awww but i coultnt write more coz i am having midterm tmr!! gotta study... all the videos and pics will be upload by tmr!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'll miss u

one of my fren leaving to aussie tonight. he gave me a call before he went to airport. i am so regret that i couldnt get a chance to meet with him juz before he leave.

i cant help myself but starting to get moody. frens are leaving one by one dis few years. i noe everything will be diff after that. i am so worry that our frenship will decay in time.

anyway wish u all the best my fren, xian zhi.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

weird experience = $

i went to kepong jusco last sunday for a primary skool mates gathering, but surprisingly i met my ex over there. *ooops ><* u cant imagine howwwwwwwwww shocked i was, and stoned for few seconds i think.

we din meet each other since we broke up. so seriously i dunno how to react by seeing her in a time and location that is soooo unexpected. she is like keep avoiding me after that, i dunno the reason either. we are both shy, therefore i simply crap sth and den juz cabut quickly.

well dis is not the point. *lol*

i juz checked my frenster juz now and i notice her bf visited my profile. so in return i go and check his profile. guess wat i saw? i saw a pic he is kissing on her cheek! well i noe dis is damn normal, but i get so pissed when i think of i din do this to her before!! (well i am sooo am so innocent that i din dare to do that *lol* wat i done was kiss on her little hand *rofl*)

the moral of the story is, kiss as u can!! hahahas
jk lar, actually juz wanted to record dis weird feeling that i had. hahahas

psy rocks

wherenever i study more abt psy, i start to noe how imp it is. u cant imagine how muz diff it can make when u understanding everyone better. no matter wat field u r going to, u muz dealing with varies type of ppl. nvrtheless, u still need to establish, maintain or improve ur relationship with u loved one, like frens, lover and most imp, family.

i am a bit out of trend coz watching "i am not stupid too" at dis time (dis mv was out at 2006). i am soooo damn touched of watching it. a resource could a rubbish in a wrong place, but a rubbish could be good resource in a right place. everyone is clever... right? i mean everyone can do better in a right position.

try to communicate with the ppl ard u. i hoped i will be jobless one day, coz everyone doing their best and together we make the world better.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


yo! happy cny gong xi fa chai everyone!! hahahas... ytd i had my wonderful reunion dinner @ ss2 restaurant nan jing. well i din took any pic of it, since i was bz makan-ing lolz. well dis is a green foods restaurant, all dishes are 100% pure vege!! but do not think it taste like vege oso...!

as u guys noe, chinese all like the dishes that symbolize good fortune like fishes and all that lar. so, the dishes i had last night all actually just exactly taste like wat it is! meat, fishes, shark fin, etc. wonderful, i wondered how they made it?

the asst supervisor of dis restaurant is my parents' gud fren.. therefore we enjoy a special discount oso... hahahahas... shhhh keep dis secret okay?? ^^

Saturday, February 2, 2008

life is tiring me!!

can u imagine u sleep less den 6 hours a day, and u need to take care of ur assignments, quizzes (some more mid term is around the corner), doing lotssaaaaaaa house works ( my parent both working, and there are no kakak in my house!!), and helping ur dad in the shop straight after ur classes, working until 11pm in the late night, end up updating ur blog here at 1am. (i am not purposely to sit here and blog abt it, juz that i am waiting to dry my hair)
ps: by 6am tmr i need to sent my bro to skool

well... i am realli burned out!! dis kind oledi lasted for 1 month... luckily after cny my father do not need my help any more. all my family are tired too, there are too many things to do, and works juz seem to be nvr can be done!!

so, little gal, helping ur mom to do spring cleaning is not realli a big deal... lolz...