Thursday, February 7, 2008


yo! happy cny gong xi fa chai everyone!! hahahas... ytd i had my wonderful reunion dinner @ ss2 restaurant nan jing. well i din took any pic of it, since i was bz makan-ing lolz. well dis is a green foods restaurant, all dishes are 100% pure vege!! but do not think it taste like vege oso...!

as u guys noe, chinese all like the dishes that symbolize good fortune like fishes and all that lar. so, the dishes i had last night all actually just exactly taste like wat it is! meat, fishes, shark fin, etc. wonderful, i wondered how they made it?

the asst supervisor of dis restaurant is my parents' gud fren.. therefore we enjoy a special discount oso... hahahahas... shhhh keep dis secret okay?? ^^