Tuesday, February 12, 2008

psy rocks

wherenever i study more abt psy, i start to noe how imp it is. u cant imagine how muz diff it can make when u understanding everyone better. no matter wat field u r going to, u muz dealing with varies type of ppl. nvrtheless, u still need to establish, maintain or improve ur relationship with u loved one, like frens, lover and most imp, family.

i am a bit out of trend coz watching "i am not stupid too" at dis time (dis mv was out at 2006). i am soooo damn touched of watching it. a resource could a rubbish in a wrong place, but a rubbish could be good resource in a right place. everyone is clever... right? i mean everyone can do better in a right position.

try to communicate with the ppl ard u. i hoped i will be jobless one day, coz everyone doing their best and together we make the world better.