Wednesday, February 27, 2008


uncertainty is could be something that giving u the excitement of life, coz life wouldnt be challenging if u noe everything that will be happening next.

but den, these uncertainty bother me a lots these days.

i am damn worry,
i am damn frustated of being like that.
i got damn pissed when i found things are not going as i tot.

now i need to be stable, i need to feel safe, and a sense of belonging as well...
i dun mind to work double to get wat i wan, but why i am not even given the chance to try!!
i dun care if i face difficulties in my life, but plz dun trouble the ppl ard me ok!??
and the point is
i am hurt...

i am not wanted by faith. = (


~PearLz TanziE~ said...

Im not sure whats really bother you so much..
At least..
I do really can feel it,
how you feel in the deepest of you right now..
Im worrying over alot of things as well..
Life always like this..
Do often happen things make us disappoited and depressed..
But..just bear in mind..
Never lost your faith and hope..
It is just a aprt of your journey..
keep it up,dude..
*smile smile..HEHEHE..

Vince said...

yo appreciate it =)
anyway life still has to go on