Saturday, February 2, 2008

life is tiring me!!

can u imagine u sleep less den 6 hours a day, and u need to take care of ur assignments, quizzes (some more mid term is around the corner), doing lotssaaaaaaa house works ( my parent both working, and there are no kakak in my house!!), and helping ur dad in the shop straight after ur classes, working until 11pm in the late night, end up updating ur blog here at 1am. (i am not purposely to sit here and blog abt it, juz that i am waiting to dry my hair)
ps: by 6am tmr i need to sent my bro to skool

well... i am realli burned out!! dis kind oledi lasted for 1 month... luckily after cny my father do not need my help any more. all my family are tired too, there are too many things to do, and works juz seem to be nvr can be done!!

so, little gal, helping ur mom to do spring cleaning is not realli a big deal... lolz...