Tuesday, February 12, 2008

weird experience = $

i went to kepong jusco last sunday for a primary skool mates gathering, but surprisingly i met my ex over there. *ooops ><* u cant imagine howwwwwwwwww shocked i was, and stoned for few seconds i think.

we din meet each other since we broke up. so seriously i dunno how to react by seeing her in a time and location that is soooo unexpected. she is like keep avoiding me after that, i dunno the reason either. we are both shy, therefore i simply crap sth and den juz cabut quickly.

well dis is not the point. *lol*

i juz checked my frenster juz now and i notice her bf visited my profile. so in return i go and check his profile. guess wat i saw? i saw a pic he is kissing on her cheek! well i noe dis is damn normal, but i get so pissed when i think of i din do this to her before!! (well i am sooo am so innocent that i din dare to do that *lol* wat i done was kiss on her little hand *rofl*)

the moral of the story is, kiss as u can!! hahahas
jk lar, actually juz wanted to record dis weird feeling that i had. hahahas