Thursday, February 14, 2008

happiest single awareness day ever XD

happy valentine's day everyone!

its a great success for love underground @ hmc today!! we are actually selling ballons, roses and teddy bears today, and its a great respond from the crowd! well sadly i din got anything from the secret admirer *lol*, but i do bought something for someone lar... hahahas...

but unfortunately that is a threat thats happening in the afternoon spoiled my mood! that bxxxh #%$^%$&* (opppsss)

anyway overall its still the happiest valentine's day ever lar! thx to the love underground's crews and all my beloved frens!! u guys made the valentine's day so special!!

awww but i coultnt write more coz i am having midterm tmr!! gotta study... all the videos and pics will be upload by tmr!!