Tuesday, May 19, 2009



This is a short sem for our dept so that the selection of classes are actually very limited. Only ADP's timetable matched our timetable if you want a holiday after the short sem. Other departments are offering long sem including the business subjects I wanted to in. So at the very beginning, I have no choice but was planning to take Spanish class and something else as my selection of electives. However, HELP says thatthose language classes are not counted as the electives that we compulsory to take, unless we take it as an extra (and it was not like that before... I guess HELP is really desperate for money lolz.) I was like okays then, since i still got time to make up my mind. So at the end, unwillingly I take mass comm and sociology. (which I think mass comm is nothing new for me to learn.)

Today I went to my mass comm class early at 8am, then rotting all way in the lab to waiting for the next sociology class at 2pm. I was too bored so I went to check my mail. I GOT AN EMAIL WHICH INFORMING ME THEY REJECTED MY APPLICATION FOR SOCIOLOGY. ( coz the slots are full, and the mail is dated this morning) OMG!! Why don't you inform me tomorrow??? NOW I HAVE BEEN ROTTING HERE FOR HOURS WITHOUT ANYTHING TO DO! BAH... wasting my time.

Sh*t, guess I really have to go back to business department and say bye bye my holidays. *sobs*

Monday, May 18, 2009

muahahahahas XD

now who is the one being too serious? XD

Friday, May 15, 2009


I am facing the biggest crisis that I never faced in life before. The stess level is so high that I can't handle it anymore. I deserve all the problems as I myself procrastinate a lot before that. Knowing it is my weakness but never improve after years. BAAAAH!

A warning to self. Ever did it again, go and jump down from KLCC. Like what she said, "dun die oso useless."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

emo-ness strikes unexpectedly

This post should be about a recent trip to Penang. But then I really do not have the mood to edit all those pictures and anything else beside fall into a deep thinking. I guess everyone is having the same problem too. Having a peak period where you are extremly productive but also the moment when you are feel to lazy to do anything even eat. lolz. I myself procrastinate a lots due to this stupid lame reason.

The thought that has linger around my minds for months finally vanished after I found the differences between me and them. They are all perfect beside they are not thinking as much as like me. Sometimes I really feel that rational thinking was causing more problems as it making problem became more and more complicated before you get to solve them. I rather to be a kid so that I can be fearless and do whatever just merely because of I like it!

However reality still reality. People do not necessary understand you but you need to understand them more. How suffer is this to communicate those are not in the same channel as you. So I made up my mind. I would not do anything before I found the real key to the success.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

leisure days ending soon T_T

A letter from HELP which arrived yesterday reminds me the good days are ending soon. I guess HELP is really craving for money because they send the letter to everyone to ask for resource fee! OMG. Tak kan some of my friends who having their nice break far away from KL come back purposely to pay for the stupid fee before their sem starting right? Farking retarted la HELP.

Not really been to anywhere in the holiday. Simply because my holiday is one week shorter than the others since I am having one elective's final one week after all the psychology finals finished. This made the short 2 weeks break even shorter. Sigh.

Beatrice and me were too bored studying so started to camwhores.
EHHH! Why you take the picture with nice looking drink while I have a picture with a bottle of Listerine? UNFAIR! =(

However thanks to my college friends and auntie uncle who just came back from United States making my holiday not so boring. Ohhh no worries. I am sure they are not bringing any viruses back coz they have stayed here for 1 week + already. Nothing unusual. Hahahahas. So last sunday they suggested to have some nice seafoods to fest in Kuala Selangor.
The journey is really long and out of my expectation as I thought it should be quite fast.

Oil palm farms were the scenery I have seen most along the journey. Too bad I missed the cow barn simply because handphone is really not for photo taking. I WANT DSLR LAAA!!

This picture is not taking well enough but still sufficient to tells what I have seen. BIG BLUE SKY! HUGE GREEN FIELD! Hahahahahas. Well although you can see the sky anytime by looking up, but it is really different. For urban kids like us, big blue sky is rare.

Finally we reached the restaurant!

This big crab is really attracting eyes and it's so cute!! =D Can i have crabs as pet? XD (guess I will have eaten them someday lolz)

YES this is the view from the restaurant. Since it was built along the river so the name was "RIVER VIEW". Best name that's suit.

The houses built along the river. Guess they are all fishers or owning restaurant like this. Sometimes I wondering how is the feel sleeping in these houses since you heard the flow of the water all night long and knowing you are sleeping above the water. How if you fall into the water while sleeping? XD
Scary la. Hahahahas.

OK Let's back to the restaurant. This is the menu...!

Ummm actually nothing special. Ordinary fishes, clamps, prawns, crabs and squids with varies of cooking methods. Steam, fry, sizzling, tomyam, teow chew style bla bla bla.

I did not have the chance to picture of all dishes simply the people are just too hungry. Hahahahas. They are craving for foods as they waited too long. We had our lunch 3pm at the afternoon man...

Although we are damn hungry but doesn't make the foods taste nicer. Frankly, most of it sarks. The fish in the picture was the best on the table, just because it do not need anything else to adds the flavour. Freshness speaks it all. All the other dishes are either tasteless or way too sweet!! They really needs to have a new chef.

(Imagine sweet fried prawns and tasteless hard-to-bite fried squids. bah)

This fisherman got his caught in front of me and I watch the whole scene! I feel so happy even not me who got the caught. Hahahahas. But the adults told me that no one wants to eat that fish and only used to feed the cat or dog. Well who cares. Hahahahas.

For the next tempt he got some paper...! Hahahahas. But I do not feel kesian for him after I witnessed the scene he throw the paper back to river. How stupid is this fella. WHY CAN'T YOU THROW IT TO A PROPER PLACE SINCE YOU'VE GOT IT? YOU YOURSELF who depending your living on this river!! I curse you next time you will got the same paper again. Wasting time and causing polution! Bah. Brainless.

At the night we went to uncle house again to have dinner together. The day before he went hunting with his friend and got a wild boar. He cooked the partial of it and the big portion is really too much!! This is what's left over after everyone had enough fest and da pao...! (10++ people ehh!!) So much right? Wild boar really tastes different from some pork that you could get in the market.


Yesterday was crazy as well. 4 of us went out together for movie and yumcha to enjoy the holiday. Firstly, 3 of us went to watch X man Origin - Wolverine together as Alan already watched it and join us later after the movie finished. The original plan was distrupted due to the rain. Brilliant Alan came up with this brilliant idea to have Sateh in Kajang. So 4 of us headed to Kajang and paid 2 tolls on the way. However the sateh really dissapointed us la. Farking expensive and taste even worse than KL one. Bah. Guess we have the wrong place.

Then we were planned to have a drink. Again brilliant Alan had this brilliant idea to go sky bar for a drink. Oh man, you were wearing shorts! How are you supposed to enter? Then he smartly answered I will throw a RM50 note to the bouncer and ask him to back off! I replied by asking him why do not buy a proper pant but waste your 50 bucks like that. The whole car was full of laughters. LOLZ. But lastly we can't find it and then we changed our mind again and went to a new restaurant in Kepong. Nothing surprising la. Ordinary yumcha place.

So let's me summarised the whole thing was from my home -> KL -> kajang -> KL -> Cheras -> Kepong -> KL -> PJ -> home. I gotta sent hew thong back so I need go to PJ after that. Hahahahas. What a funny day. I never travel like that before in my life. But anway it's a good day hanging around with good friends even though the sateh sarks. Hahahahas.