Tuesday, May 19, 2009



This is a short sem for our dept so that the selection of classes are actually very limited. Only ADP's timetable matched our timetable if you want a holiday after the short sem. Other departments are offering long sem including the business subjects I wanted to in. So at the very beginning, I have no choice but was planning to take Spanish class and something else as my selection of electives. However, HELP says thatthose language classes are not counted as the electives that we compulsory to take, unless we take it as an extra (and it was not like that before... I guess HELP is really desperate for money lolz.) I was like okays then, since i still got time to make up my mind. So at the end, unwillingly I take mass comm and sociology. (which I think mass comm is nothing new for me to learn.)

Today I went to my mass comm class early at 8am, then rotting all way in the lab to waiting for the next sociology class at 2pm. I was too bored so I went to check my mail. I GOT AN EMAIL WHICH INFORMING ME THEY REJECTED MY APPLICATION FOR SOCIOLOGY. ( coz the slots are full, and the mail is dated this morning) OMG!! Why don't you inform me tomorrow??? NOW I HAVE BEEN ROTTING HERE FOR HOURS WITHOUT ANYTHING TO DO! BAH... wasting my time.

Sh*t, guess I really have to go back to business department and say bye bye my holidays. *sobs*