Tuesday, May 12, 2009

emo-ness strikes unexpectedly

This post should be about a recent trip to Penang. But then I really do not have the mood to edit all those pictures and anything else beside fall into a deep thinking. I guess everyone is having the same problem too. Having a peak period where you are extremly productive but also the moment when you are feel to lazy to do anything even eat. lolz. I myself procrastinate a lots due to this stupid lame reason.

The thought that has linger around my minds for months finally vanished after I found the differences between me and them. They are all perfect beside they are not thinking as much as like me. Sometimes I really feel that rational thinking was causing more problems as it making problem became more and more complicated before you get to solve them. I rather to be a kid so that I can be fearless and do whatever just merely because of I like it!

However reality still reality. People do not necessary understand you but you need to understand them more. How suffer is this to communicate those are not in the same channel as you. So I made up my mind. I would not do anything before I found the real key to the success.


Linz said...

Sometimes, what you need is juz do it without thinking. =)

Try ignore everything once in a while, and u'll find another sky~ yeah~