Monday, November 16, 2009


Imagine yourself being in this situation.

"Watching" another guy trying to impress the girl you used to like in a closed space, which mean only three of you only in a completely quiet living room!!!

The story begins by I need to take her from the bus station as it's raining outside. We went
makan together before we go back to her place, then on the way back comes a call which telling her this person wanna celebrate her birthday and give her a birthday present. She politely asked him to come over a bit later since we are stucked in the jam (yes not butter :P).

By the time we reached her place, that guy already waited there for quite some time!!! Quickly she rushed in and prepare all the stuffs to cut the cake, e.g. forks, plates, knife... The situation were soooooo embarrassing that I have to stone there pretending that I know nothing about it. I lied that I am here to rush assignment with her, but I really did feel myself like a super duper big LIGHT BULB in the house, but I can't do anything but just staring at the computer while they singing the birthday song, cutting the cake, and talking some bull shits that I don't really care.

FINALLY, THE MOST INTERESTING PART. Guess what he bought for her? TADAAAAAA!!!

I guess most of you guys know how pricey it is. This is the figure of her and her besttie. My mouth was wide opened when i saw this!! But this stupid girl really have no idea what's going on and don't even have a clue how much is this thingy!!

He just left a few minutes ago and I already done this post. Really NBTD here. But anyway I had fun laughing at her because this is even more funny than comedy!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAS!!!

Ok la anyway, wish you all the best birthday girl. =D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

it's complicating.

I didn't blog lately not because that life is that boring so that I have nothing to blog about. It's totally a CROSS!! I have too much things to tell which I don't even know where I supposed to start from. But it's alright, I can keep it to myself.

In short, things have gone complicated. I'm kind of lost... But still figuring ways out. I believed I will make things clear sooner or later...!

Ps. Happy birthday to all the Nov babes~ Muiz, Alan, Bea, Mel, Yuan, Wei Ling, Lee Yee, Kiko and many more friends!! Sorry couldn't name you all.... :P Thumbs up for the movie!! Bea good job!! =)