Tuesday, June 9, 2009

she's not my girl!

Today I was walking on the street with a new known girl friend (I mean female friend) on the way to makan, some guy friends saw that scene and ask me "you pak tor already ah? who is tha girl?" and makes me so blur. Hey common... I walked with so many girls before tak kan all also my girl friend meh....!! ( but I wish so lolz!!)

Previously I also did

  • Went to a 3 days trip with ONLY one girl.
  • Sleep in the same room with ONLY one girl.
  • Purposely sent a girl from Sunway to PJ, and the journey beginned at 6.30am all the way from my house in Jalan Ipoh.  
  • Talked in the phone with a girl for averagely 3~6 hours per day for a period of 2 years.
  • Dining with a girl alone and spend more than 200 hundreds for it. ( yea I gave her a treat just to comfort her.) 
  • Give a girl a rose on the Valentine's Day. (Only 1 girl)
  • Have known all the major secrets of the girls. ( and she knows mine too) 

and all these girls are NOT MY GIRL. 
(P.S. Frankly, I am not interested in most of them... lolz!)
(P.S.S. For those you-know-who-you-are,  please not angry =P I do not mean you girls are not pretty, not cute or anything, just that... you know, we just do not have the feeling right? hehe!)
hahahahahas... so do not judge superficially la. =P


^o^ bb-|ui ^o^ said...

vince..don here "sai meng" ar..say u got how many exp with girl..hahahaha..blek..just come kacau..

Da'Meow said...

well.. dude.. we had a 4days trip from KL to cameron then penang.. =D
and we wrote letter to each other over 3years.. gosh..
why we never get into relationship?!

=D i will still choose to kill you. and u know why.

stay cool. muackz.

Vince said...

bee - lolz... i am not sai meng... i am telling the truth!! boys and girls not necessarily in a special relationship for getting close! hahahahas!! my own experiences la...

meow - ehh sorry la i tot its 3 days XD and why u reveal urself here hahahahas... since u wan to keep all ur secrets den u keep quiet laa!! rather den killing me for that.... bah!

Sasa said...

haha Vince, not all guys are same with you. Some guys hor, when you treat him better like buddy, they will simply think about the feeling of together.
Haha XD But hor~don't let your dream girl feels the same as what your female friends does,if not she just gonna be another female friend jor....I want a "dai sou" so badly since don't know when (lol)

Vince said...

lolz... yea i agree with what you said! aihzz... so cham hor... so many close "girl friend" but none of them are my real girl friend hahahahas!! ummmm not that i wan a gf badly but u wan a dai sou badly?? zadao!! =P

ambie said...

yea, tat's what we say.. hao peng you :)