Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just went back from gym and appeared to be very energetic. I do not know why either, but it feel totally refreshing. Guess not enough of sleep is not a good reason for being lazy again, hahahas. Too much of works are delaying and I need to get back to the right track asap!

I am taking 2 subjects in business department in a long semester but doesn't makes my life easier. I am still burried by works from college, home, clubs and my own private stuffs.

-By next week, I need to work out the case study for management to present next week.

-By this week, I need to done the website and get it working!!

-Need to check the stock again by next week.

-By end of this week, I need to clear all the letters that almost burried my table!

-Tomorrow I need to join the promotion team to promote our CCS camp in July.

-Preparing job for the camp as well.

-Get the account of Jing Bian done asap!

-Wed and Thu got part time work at night.

-Friday, somebody warned me to not ffk them to watch Transformer 2.

-Next tue to celebrate babi's birthday.

-Got invited to be Elaine's personal manager to marketing her EP and need to prepare with the proposal asap.

-Got invited to be a team leader in FAMINE 30 thats happening in AUG.

-Arranging time to join the UT class.

Most importantly... some private stuffs that disturb me the most la. UNCERTAINTY in life!
What I hate most and love most as well. sigh


Beatrice said...

Whoa, you punya workload more than me hor. hahaha. and what uncertainty har? can always share with me. ;)

Vince said...

yea... my works more den u.
so i deserve a free massage? hahahahas

uncertainty means uncertainty la. just like life. you have no idea what's happen next.

Alexandra said...

-next next week, need to meet up with princess alexa because she's going back.

Sasa said...

hey bro~
looks like you are really gonna burried by all these things.
but it is good =D

^o^ bb-|ui ^o^ said...

wah..i also duno u got so many things to do..lolx..add oil lor..i holiday-ing~~ blekkk

Da'Meow said...

where's my date? =(

Vince said...

alexa - happy to haf that in my schedule ^^

bee - hahahahas... i noe now u r very free la... jealous u!

meow - u din ask me out oso! lolz!!

Da'Meow said...

u so busy! wait u free first lor!

Vince said...

so nice of u =D
realli hope to meet u up soon laa my dear sis hehe

Vince said...

ohh too bad sasa!! how could i miss ur post!!

i noe u r going thru a hard time now so be strong yeaa! i am alwaz here for u =)