Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reflective Writing – Week 1

As being in the first class in this new semester, I am very excited to adapt for new information. However, the subject's name, Career Guidance doesn't sounds like a subject that related to psychology. Therefore, sorry to says that I am lack on interests to this subject at the very beginning.

Our beloved lecturer Miss Pei Li just came in right at the time. After she has introduced herself, she is trying explains us the purpose of this class and telling us what we need to know. As the time going, slowly I found out that we are actually in a class that trying to lead us to search for what we need in the future, but not what I have in my mind before.

Miss Pei Li has recalls the problems that I have considered a long time before I entered this field. It's always a very crucial decision to made, whether you work for money or dream. I have always heard of people saying "go for your dream, money is nothing." Yes, generally I do agree with that, because one who living his dream definitely the happiest person in the world as he enjoys the highest satisfactory.

However, there is always an exception. My father tells me that it is not necessary to have your interest as your job. An interest would be easier remains as an interest. How if a designer gets frustrated with design one day just because of the fussy customers, or other random things? I do not want to give up psychology as I already dreaming to be a psychologist for years. So I have been considering through these questions.

Finally I came to a conclusion one day. I am told my father that maybe the designer did not position his dream in the first place, or in another words, he does not has the enough passion for it. Ones will work full hearted to fulfill his dream, but not giving up easily by the time he is facing the problems. It’s always important to find a balance point between these facts.

Another issue was money. I am not mean to be realistic but we can never out of touch with the reality. The fact is we need money to survive. My father has always telling me that money is nothing, but without money you can do nothing too. This always reminds me my worries for my career. Currently I am not sure what I have to do in future, but I am quite confidence with our department on their effort to find us the best career.

I think all of us have gone through the same problems, and have the same worries in general. I think that is why our department came out with this course to solve our problems. It's always nice to have someone to guides you through out all the process.

Finally, credits to Miss Pei Li for coming out with the idea of bonus activities. All the activities, for instant, Vienna test, counseling, etc are very good chance for us to figure out how exactly all these work.

I took the road that less traveled and hopefully outcome with something I wanted.