Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i am backed =P

finally de' vincious blogger started his life as a lousy blogger again...

these months i lived a realli busy life,
continuous working hard for money money and money...
can u imagine the life that u have less than 6 hours of resting time a day!!!??
even with almost 7 days non-stop!!

but after all thats all worth for it
its not all abt money, its abt experience too
i learnt a lot, and i think a lot too
its good to live a diff life, that i will nvr ever experience again (hopefully lolz)

i was watching tv juz now, and surprisingly i found i cheers like a kiddo when i saw my lovely darling was on the show (hiak hiak hiak... have been missing her terriblely!!)
and their new album is coming soon, which made me so excited!!

i am glad that to found that i still cheers for a little thingy like dis =)
at least, i am still myself at the inner part

next up = a refelection writing that given my lovely career guidance lecturer lolz
stay tune guys hahahahs
its goin to be the 1st assignment that complete in my bloggie