Thursday, October 2, 2008

HENNESY ARTISTRY + connaught pasar malam

well i havent got a chance to blog on some of my last week interesting's hang-outs

coz the pic are still not in my hand *tsk*
well shayne ward realli rocks the crowd @ the hennesy artisry last sat!!
and oso until june, they are great too... now beginning on searching their songs...
the onli bad part is that i couldnt fully enjoy the free flow of hennesy cocktails!! *thanks to u bro lahhh!! bro!!*

shayne ward looks real cool!! right gals? XD

well after all i realised that i din realli like the taste of hennesy lolz *soreeeee hennesy* although i finished up few cups heeeheeeeeee

more pics are coming soon... stay tune =)


well today is the raya holiday (ooops... its ytd... past twelve lolz)

so i din realli wan to went out to trapped in the crowd and the long traffic jam

but i went to connaught pasar malam for the very first time with kiko and alan *i dun wan either to be a "light bulb" but i realli wanted to go the most GRAND pasar malam in msia*

the first impression to this pasar malam is

PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA (lolz u will understand dis if u understand chinese)

according to both of them we choosed the wrong time coz today (oopss soreee again!! ytd!!) was hari raya holiday, so everyone went on a shopping spree there la...

okiess... hopefully next time i got a chance to visit there again~~

*special thanks to*

i not realli got a chance to take pic coz it was realli packed
and even u cant realli buy things @ there
coz the crowd keep pushing u from behind!!
its realli hard to even stay longer... super hot + super tiring...

and i notice an interesting fact hahahas...
peoples actually make-up and dress nicely for pasar malam
i never do that in my life... and it was not so obvious in my previous experiences @ other pasar malams
those gals are actually HEAVILY MAKE UP, with long artificial eyes-brown and even with perfume on!! walao ehhh... sounds like going clubbing right!! lolz...
and even guys are nicely dress oso...

eeeehhhhhhhemmmmmmmmm anyway
a lot lenglui-s there la, more den HELP... lolz