Friday, October 31, 2008

我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了 我懂了 不说了 梦远了



life has been getting busier and busier... u juz cant stop and get a gud rest..
lucky got stupiak fren that made the day better... =D
PSG was doing some sort of fund raising activity where you can do dedication and show a little bit of love by buying ur fren some small gift
and PSG member siu mei was persuading me to buy sth for her den i look over the list to see wat i can get for her with the only 3 bucks i have (i forgot to bring my wallet to coll that day lolz...!!)
and in the 3 ringgits list there is toilet roll!! i was like OMG... hahahas... anyway dis is fun ritee!! (although to someone its nasty or weird but its fun for us!! hahahahas)
so in the end i buy her the toilet roll!! rofl!! for the 1st time in life giving away toilet roll!!

evidence!! see!! she is damn happy with it riteeeeeee!! hahahahas


today i went to the filming of some local production named "ROH" (republic of happiness)

to be an extra! woohooooo anyway there are a few "EXTRA FRIENDS" coming along too!

from left elaine , charlene, bong and two nameless extra guys lolz...and i was the camera man la of coz...

it took the whole morning and the afternoon!! and stupidly i locked my carkey in the car!! so cost me another hour to get my another car key from home... damn bad luck weiiiiiiiii....!but anyway the view there is damn nice (there is plaza kelana jaya that near to PKNS)and we had fun doing some stupid things lolz...!

elaine u r blocking laa!! lolz

anyway i managed catch up with jack neo leh....
dis is not my top anyway!! given by the crew... lolz... no wonder so similar to jack la!! dis is his taste of fashion!!

*to be cont... now is the time for the b.psych halloween parteeeeee!!*


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