Monday, October 27, 2008

holiday afternoon~

holiday is not as good as u imagine.
u could have lotsa of assignments waiting... just like me lolz.
was stucked in assignment too, so i took a break by writing a post here...

before i started anything...

happie happie burfday to u ~ happie burfday ELAINE! \(^o^)/

hahahas, no matter u can see this anot, still dis is a sincere wish from me =D


well last week was a nightmare for me,
4 assignments due at the same with accompany with mid term!!
OMG!! you cant imagine the STRESS!! duhhhhhhhh!! felt like i am 3 years older after last week lolz
and the worst part is those sucks assigment team members
they are so irresponsible that they never concern about this assignment at all
not to be mean but i will report them to the department!!
they caused me to delay my assignment submission for the 1st time in my life!!
OMG!! its 20% of the overall marks!!!

ok... chill lolz.. everything has passed anyway

but again caused of the assignment i missed joey's burfday partee too!!
*sobs* T.T
sorreee joey!! i promised to replace u riteee?
i will keep my words ok??
but anyway dun demand too muz ok?? lolz...
recently i am damn poor!! hahahhaas


muiz's bday
mamak shopping
CNY activities preparation
the visit to the teen home
6 assignments coming up!!
compose the lyric for "mere love"!!

more and more coming up as well~~~ swt