Wednesday, October 8, 2008

random post

2007 and 2008 are weird for me.
many things happend, but endwithout any sign.

just like now.

i dunno whether i having a real bad luck or good luck!

in 3 months time, my water dispenser, 3 tvs(yeah!! 3!!! OMG) and a loads of other things spoiled and caused to spend quite amount of money!!

but fotunately i found that i do have some special luck as well... that... i could not imagine.

AH....... uncertainties again!! bother me a lot laaaaaaa......... booooooooooooo! (lolz... i learnt this from u alexa!!)


Linz said...

you are seducing me to use blogspot...It's so free to use it...I mean u can change ur html so freely! DAM LIVE SPACES!