Friday, March 7, 2008

hey! its ur birthday!!

wow great day isnt it?
well actually today is my lunar calendar bday!!
today is 30th Jan in the lunar calendar...
and the special part of it is that...
30th Jan onli appears once in a four years lunar calendar
2008 is so special becoz it's a leap year!!

ohyea regarding why i notice abt that coz my family onli celebrate my lunar calendar bday
they din refer to solar calendar (the calendar that we are using now)

and happy birthday to all the march babes oso!!

1st march - sheng feng (go get a gf lar!!)
2nd march - cammy (wow... u r getting realli hot!! =P )
8th march - pearly (happy together wif ur boi boi yea! *blink* )
15th march - shuang shuang (looking forward to see u...)
21st march - sushi (aihzz... forgot abt me when getting together with him... aihzzz)
22nd march - snowxwhite (currently msia hottest chinese female blogger! all the best for ur stpm and ur interview as well!)

i hope i din missed out anyone... =P

march babes rock!!
happy birthday everyone!!


m@ol33 said...

Then i better wish u happy birthday first..scared later i forgotten=p

Vince 梵宇 said...

hey thx yea!!
appreciate that!