Thursday, March 6, 2008

"dak han yum cha...!"

during ths psych class i received an msg from a unknown number
"hey! i am in ss2 now lar!!"
i was like... huh? whos that?
so i replied
"umm... sorry who r u?"
"i am huey yin!"
"sorry again... i am not sure which huey yin u r... and did i ask u out before?"
"huey yin thats from same class with u! actually i juz past by ss2 and wan to see whether u r here anot..."

can u imagine how i felt?
its a "WARM" text

as u can see... i dun even haf her number
so i think u can figure out that we are not so close to each other before
but still she rmb me after such a long time
(i have been gratuated from secondary for 2 years)

u guys maybe experienced the same thing as me
not matter how fren both u were last time
after gratuated...
sooner and later
both of u will be seperated by time and space
well thats normal i noe
but i am more "feeler" type of person
who is very sensitive...
therefore i really cant stand this kind of feeling

so do text or phone ur fren regurlarly
ask them out
rmb the "imp" dates
at least....! msn lar (cheapest and easiest way)
this is so call "mutual stroking" (yeah ms debbie i am applying wat u taught lol)

ohyea i forgot abt my title... "dak han yum cha"
i bet all of u understand wat it means right?
we tend to end our conversation wif "dak han yum cha" usually
which means "hanging out again next time"
its juz sth like see u ard, see u again, "zai jian", "jumpa lagi"... etc

but dunno why i alwaz take dis very serious
when u say this to me, i am realli taking it seriously
unfortunately many ppl saying it juz like simply to end the talk
i dun like it
(and i think gals are more tend to do so lol)


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