Friday, December 5, 2008


lab report is totally a disaster.
i started one week before the due date, and end up by just done it by today afternoon....
spend about 3 days reading through journals to understand wth is it talking abt
and compiling bit by bit afterward... not easy huh?
today i am going to sleep anyway!! last 2 nights i din sleep properly for this lovely last assignment of the sem!

and guess wat...

finals are coming next week....

ok... will be pak tor-ing with all the books dis weekend again lolz

looking forward to yumcha with u guys!! sheng feng who juz backed from kampar and shi lin who juz backed from sg last nite!! it was so surprising to picked up ur call last nite!! hahahas... and i dun even recognize his voice at the beginning!! OMG how on the earth dis could happen!!?? guess it was coz of the sleepless nights ... hahahas