Monday, December 22, 2008


People have been talking about the christmas celebration with me, while me is really not decisive to make up my mind on how the plan should be. For me it is just another reason to hanging out with friends and have fun. Hahahahas. So any plan for me is ok. Even no plan for me is ok as well, so that would be another ordinary day. Since I am not a christian.

Last chrismas I have been celebrated it with a bunch of crazy guys. Hahahahas. All the ma lat lous hanging out together at the chrismas eve is really weird la... But still we have fun. It's the last time for 4 of us hanging out together since then.

Beside that, all the christmas all being the same to me. A lonely night with a lot of laughther could be heard. Sometimes I being jealous for that. Sometimes I would be happy to save a fortune by did not need to buy anything on that day. lolz. But anyway, I still hope to have the companion to celebrate this meaningful moment.

Oh, merry christmas peeps. =D