Monday, December 15, 2008


damn damn damn damn...
ok... calm down man... dun let the bad things affect u...

ok my story starting with the car banging incident last week,
which made me cant realli study properly for my exam,
and now i am damn worry for my exams!

den despite all the little problems that bothering...
today my car kena clampped (yes!! the lucky one!! one in a hundred!!) in wisma help
i just don understand why is it me
coz there are probably hundreds of other ppl that parking exactly at the same bay as me
and that cost me another 50 bucks

ok... now i am rotting in a little shop at lowyat
waiting m laptop to be fix,
after hoursssssssssssss jam in the kl trafic
ok however i am lucky enuf to manage to negotiate with the shop keeper for a cheaper cost
.... but still not worth it la lol

wat bad luck is this!! after all these i am very broke edi!! dun ask me out!!
i need to save money!!