Monday, December 1, 2008

baby girl, u r so sweet!! =)

this song is so sweet!! even the 1st time i listen to it straightly i melt
when aisha singing
Baby boy 永远永远手牵手 一步两步一起走 永远永远要记得 我们要一起生活
later on i found out the original version is from a japanese singer
Soba Ni Iru Ne - Thelma Aoyama Feat. SoulJa
wow... this version is even better!!
coz the in the chinese version rite, the rap is not really fit the music...
but somehow this one is fantastic!!
another version from another japanese singer
kokoniiruyo - SoulJa feat. Thelma Aoyama
this time the male singer takes up the major part by rap
i dun really like this one as it just not as sweet as the both i mentioned before
anyway lastly!!
i present u dis!!

dis is gal who makes me soooo addicted to this song lolz
and makes me extreamly jealous as well!! XD
bahhhhhh.........!! =P
yala yala i noe u r sooo hang fuk lolz


Alexandra said...

the chinese version so sweet but the japanese version so sad! >.<
i'm addicted to the japanese version!

Vince said...

yaluuu!! now i understand the power of lyric!! =D