Tuesday, July 14, 2009

thank Him for protected me wor =D

I can't believe I survived this accident.
We were on the Jalan Mahameru (which is one of the busiest road in KL) and eventually the car was lost control and drift on a straight highway!
Our car actually did bumped to the divider then bang into the lamp post.
As you can see in the picture.
Our car is totally facing another direction of the road.
The lamp post was broke and fall down.

We are so lucky because of the 5 reasons below:
1. None of us is seriously hurt.
2.This accident does not involved any second party.
3.The fallen lamp post did not fall into the opposite highway but in between of the divider.
4.We were first bumped into the divider. This stops us from go into the opposite highway.
5.Our car is not followed closely by another car. (Another one more bang means BYE BYE!!)

The situation won't be any better. So thank God la. Hahahahahas. Although you did not pray for me. XD

P.s. I am alright beside the minor injuiry at my left leg. The wound is quite deep and kena the bone i guess. But it's ok la, the leg also numb already. Hahahahahas. So I still can walk la. Something wrong with the right leg as well but I have no idea why. lolz.


Beatrice said...

Wah, looks really serious. Thank God for sparing you and your friend's life. :)

Sasa said...

what happened to the car? Feel quite scary to see the pics. Good that you are alright, phew!

Alexandra said...


Vince said...

bea,sasa,xa - i am alrite. no worries. thanks anyway =D

Linz said...

go see doc la!

ambie said...

wei!! u ok mou?
take care wei~~