Sunday, August 23, 2009

the thoughts

Went to the bed at 12 yesterday. Surprisingly early for me. Hahahas. Even my parent was like "woahh... can't believe it!" lolz.

Couldn't sleep well in the night. The thoughts linger around the mind just don't want to stop.

Wake up quite early this morning. Don't know why just can't get to sleep back in this great cloudy sunday monday. Should be perfect for sleeping!

Enjoyed spending some time with myself. It's quiet - so quiet that I could hear my heart beats.

Final is coming soon, but I don't have the mood to pick up revision.

I am hungry now, but I don't want to eat alone.

Trying to stop myself for thinking the same matter over and over again, yet failed again.

Listening to the emo songs early at the morning. =S
Not a good thing to kick start a day.

My stomach has been upset for few days, but the medicine doesn't helps.

Do not translate my chinese articles with translator, as the true meaning will not shows up, and it turns to be extremly weird. Just talk to me and I will be a story teller again. =)

Yea, emo again. But what's wrong to be emo. I enjoy emo sometimes. But not today, not at this moment. It's quite disturbing.