Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I have my last paper for the mid term. Well, I am luck enough to have 50% of questions that I answer with full confidence. Hahahahas, at least I pass la, I guess.

But at the afternoon was not so encouraging at all. The lecturer says there is one work who did not full-filled the criteria and going to score very low... OMG. Ok I admit thats I did not pay full attention in class and for this assignment as well. But, hey man, is there anyone who really paying full attention in his class!? Hahahahas, guess not. His class is so boring that no one can tahan! Aiyoooooo... like what bea said. "WBS is shit!" *high five* XD

Again I want emphazise how much I hate all his classes. So now I am proud to give him the honour - the "PHD OF BULL SHIT"!! *applause and cheers* *rofl*

Okok, it might be a bit too much but just to shows how much i hate his class. ( but not the person ok... he is nice)

Currently working on the video. I found its so hard to do after so long I abandoned Window Movie Maker. My group mate Cady intro a higher level program, named CyberLink Power Director which seems to be much useful than WMM. But still its can't solve the biggest problem of mine! Anyone help please? I still can't rotate the stupid video! Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Ok let's get back to work, or else I can't finish it by tonight... sigh!

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Sasa said...

my CLD lecturer did the same thing to me...totally no idea how boring is it

Vince said...

lolz.... i guess there are so many bull shit classes in both our coll... coz they wan to make money!! they dun k abt other things... lolz