Wednesday, March 18, 2009

thank you peeps =D

It is always good to have a date called "Birthday" as all the "LTNS" (long time no see) friends will come to you and say hi. lolz. Yesterday I spend about 2 hours to talk to the old friends at the late night. Suddenly I feel like have lost been the contact with them for so long that I did not realise it has been so so so.............. de long. lolz. Now I am updated with the latest news and even more effective that facebook does. lolz. Believe me friend, a real talk would be really different from messaging only.

I would like to say thank you again and again. (Yes I think this is the day which I say "TQ" the most lolz) Appreciate everything and hoping to see you guys soon! hehe

so many frens did asked me the same question over and over again. "wouldn't you feel bad for did not celebrate the most important birthday in your life?" actually the answer is no. I feel even more meaningful coz this is for my beloved one.

Grandma how are you now? I miss you so much. Even until now I can't totally accept the fact that you left us forever. I want to listen to your stories again. I want see your smile on your face. I want to taste your cooking again......

Anyway there is something real good as well.



A platinium master credit card!

omg... the credit limit is 30k! wohooooooooooooo

(but actually i worry how if i lost the card?!)

Cutest wish winner goes to... SHINE!!

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hehe... for surely I won't do that ok!?

hahahahs.... I am not stupid!
(for your information, she name me as Darren, I used to have this name as well)


Linz said...

That name always remind me of me dam it.
get better, man

Vince said...

swt betul
damn ur head