Sunday, February 22, 2009


have been cried like a baby for the pass few days.

i still can hardly accept the fact that she has left us forever.

i believed that i have never been crying like this in past 21 years.

but all of us didnt cry a lot in the funeral, as we are actually glad she does not have to suffer any more. she appeared in grandpa's dream, having dinner together with the family. she even told grandpa that she has got well. plus some more ah yong has the same experience too.(in the dream) he was in the lift to some where else with grandma, and there are only two buttons to press. one black and one white. so without doubt he press to the white one. consequently the lift opened and he saw those "thingy" pass by outside the lift but couldnt enter. so we believe that grandma is at some where else better than here. she even can walk too, we believed.

we are sad coz we lost of our beloved family member, but we are glad that she is getting better, we believed that.

rest in peace grandma, we always love you with from the bottom of the heart.


Linz said...

OH MY GOD...i didnt know it...
sorry to hear that..