Monday, February 16, 2009

random thoughts

i was so addicted to the board games but i dun haf time to play it

i wanted to sleep but i dun have time too

i need my money but ppl just dun wan to return/give me the money

i wan to complete my assignment earlier but nvr in my life it happend lolz!

i wan to blog but den seriously i dunno wat to blog...

i wan to concentrete on mid term but so many things are disturbing...

i wan to concentrate on assignment yet my mind was disturbed by that super duper extremly cute gal who i onli saw through some pics! lol!! wondering who is she!

ohh ok blame it all on me

wtf wrong wif me... life is a mess!!


SushiQ said...

It doesnt matter if you plan first, but planning can only be done perfectly if u have time =P

Ordinary. said...

wondering who is she ar.. not in kl wor. lolz.
cheers, vlink.

Vince said...

sushiQ- lol... this is cause i noe... but things juz dun go like my plan at all lolz

vlin- noe oso useless laa lolz

Alan said...