Monday, April 6, 2009

good news to all the HELP-ian!!

Below was the email i received this morning.

Dear All

1. Please be informed that the parking space at ECM LIBRA car park is now available for students.
2. Rates charged as follows:
a. RM3.00 per entry (student to produce student ID to enjoy this benefit)
b. Season parking RM88.00 (normal RM138.00)
c. Refundable deposit RM100.00.
d. Replacement of lost parking tag RM100.00
3. Forms are obtainable at Secure Park booths. For informations/clarifications pse contact Vin 012-9063415 or Nick Lee 012-9066527.
4. Request all HODs/Senior Managers/Managers to disseminate this information to the students.


WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! How fantastic is this?
No more shuttle bus struggles! No more car-park war at the main block...! (that is hell far rite!!)
And most importantly, reducing my risk for being late to class XD



I just checked with the parking guys and found out that actually ECM LIBRA is also HELL FAR from KPD ... lolz
so I guess not much difference la... beside more car parks XD


Alexandra said...

gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!! that's like the nicest news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats congrats HELP-ians!! seee? have to fight for what you want!!! weeeee!

Linz said...

but the texts are crossed! LOL!
kinda sien

Leonard said...

lolz. when i first got the annoucement ..i didnt really bother bout it..coz i know ECM libra is across the street. *laugh*

Vince said...

alexa - not so good after all lolz

linz - zzz yea la yea la

leo - swt... i din noe wei... i was expecting somewhere nearer than mainblock... help sarks la... bahhh!