Thursday, April 9, 2009

late updates...

This post is done on somebody's request lah. See I am so nice wei... I haven't study yet, I did not completed my reflective writing and did not go to sleep here but sitting here to do this post in the late night! lolz!! So be grateful for this!!

Ok picture says a thousand words... So I'll let the picture speak instead of me. XD (yeah la lazy la what to do? )

Surprisingly we did not spend a single cent on anything that is not necessary... including this thing above la

the five

they think they looks cute... *vomit* XD ( ohyea suddenly i realised why i vomit like hell that day!!)

trust me!! this is did on request of them as well!! ehhh alan what you doing there! not doing together meh????

well I have no idea what is this but looks cute right?? hehe


see...! girls so mean weii... making fun of other's suffer... bahh! i will remember these as well!

... and this of coz la... XD thank you lor ok?? hahahhas... although I dun know which one of you coming up with this idea...

Actually I do not really know why we choosed Genting. Nothing much we did... Hanging around, camwhoring those stupid things, chit-chat... and drink a lot. lolz. Everything can also done in KL. Anyway still enjoy this short trip very much although I was really stressful to get everything done before the trip la. Hahahahas.


Linz said...

LOL later uncle guard come halau ppl then u know