Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I feel the urge...!

Today I was having my second last paper, PMG which is real boring. SERIOUSLY, some of the questions are really retarted and I don't see any point of having such questions in our paper. I finished everything off in 35 mins and rush out to meet up my friend as I don't have car today. Ohyea, I missed out the "great" part. lolz. Imagine met 4 times of car accidents in a month and I just do not know why all these happening. No doubts, the first and third time were my mistake, but luckily they are only having minor scratchs. So it was real lucky to escape for paying opponent the money... But the second and fourth time are the opponent's wrong. This time I even luckier coz I having the opponent who is owning a garage and he fix me everything for free....! (coz last time there were a few scratchs exactly at the same part he bangs) But still I spend 100+ to repair everything and tomorrow sending car do some maintainance since I found there is something with the car... Just not as smooth as before. I guess the car is aging so it's the time for a new car!! *gasp* ohhhh... ok dad i was kidding... XD

Exams and bad luck stress causing me to feel an ultimate urge for holiday! Oh man... my life was never easy after I started the degree life. There are some unknown factors which always bothering my mind and keeping me in a bad mood. ARGH! So yea, maybe you peoples are right. Hahahahas. Study psycho may makes people psycho. lolz.

HOLIDAY PLEASE~~~ 9 days to go!


Pearlzie Tanzie said...

wow..thats really bad luck weii..
we Chinese always say,
go shower with flower water to clean away those bad luck that stick with you.
so faster do it k!!
wishing u all the bast for the miserable elective..

Sasa said...

will you believe if I said, once you see me all bad lucks are gone!

Vince said...

pearly - hahahahas thx =D buy me the flowers la? XD

sasa - yea meh...? hahahahas... why i dunno?? den when i can see u??